It’s Official: Macero now Sits at the Head of the Class

By Cary Shuman

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Superintendent of Schools John Macero and School Committee Chairwoman Mary Lou Osborne sign the contracts at the special meeting Tuesday night.

John Macero is officially the next superintendent of Winthrop public schools.

Tuesday night the Winthrop School Committee unanimously ratified a four-year contract for Macero, who will start in his new position on July 1. Macero succeeds Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Lisi.

Macero will receive a salary of $140,000 with merit incentives that begin in the second year of the contract. Those incentives are based on improvements in different categories, notably the academic performance of students.

Macero will have 25 vacation days per year with no provision for a buyback at the end of his service. Depending on his performance, Macero has an option to extend his contract for a fifth or sixth year.

Macero resigned Wednesday from his position as principal of the Whelan Elementary School in Revere effective June 30.

The transition process between the Lisi and Macero administrations has begun.

“The transition has been going wonderfully,” said Macero. “Dr. Lisi and I have met weekly and we’ve been talking daily on the phone going over the ins and outs.”

Macero has also met with Winthrop school principals and directors and the Gorman/Fort Banks PTO.

He will be meeting with Patricia Boyajian, new president of the Winthrop Teachers Union, in the next couple of weeks.

“I’m just establishing those meet and greets right now and I’m really looking forward to touching base next and talking with the teachers,” said Macero. “I’ve been introducing myself to teachers when I see them at events such as the high school graduation.”

It’s a busy time for Macero and a somewhat emotional one in Revere.

“I’m trying to close shop in Revere and it’s tough to say good-bye to your students,” said Macero. “I have students coming up to me every day and saying, “Why are you leaving?”

Macero will make his annual speech to the students at the Whelan School “Moving On” Ceremony.

“As I do every year I’ll be making a speech but this one will be a little bit more emotional,” said Macero.

Macero is contemplating the appointment of two curriculum directors for grades K-12 in the Winthrop school system – a director of humanities who will assist in social science, English language arts, and fine arts; and a director of STEM, (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

“We want to have that support though grades K-12 so we can align the whole curriculum,” said Macero. “These curriculum directors would be working with and assisting the principals in the evaluation process as well being able to provide teachers with some good professional development in those subject areas that is needed.”

Macero said advertising to fill the two new curriculum director positions should begin soon.

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