Congrats, Carmen! – WHS Senior is Headed to Harvard

Although Winthrop High certainly has sent its share of graduates to prestigious colleges and universities through the years, it still is quite an achievement worth acknowledging when one of our grads is accepted into one of the top schools in the world.

Such is the case for WHS senior Carmen Tracy, who has been accepted for admission to the Harvard University Class of 2015. Carmen is the number one ranked student in the WHS Class of 2011 and captained the highly successful Mock Trial Team. She also was a class officer, evidence of the high esteem and regard with which she is held by her classmates.

And we should add that Carmen is the oldest of 10 children, and thus is setting a wonderful standard of achievement and accomplishment for her siblings.

We also congratulate the faculty, particularly Mock Trial coach Maria Flanagan, who were instrumental in Carmen’s success, motivating her toward her goals as all good teachers do. By all accounts, Carmen is a wonderful young lady who has indicated that she wants to be a lawyer to represent individuals with disabilities.

Carmen’s acceptance into the most prestigious university in the world shows that great things are happening at Winthrop High and that opportunities are there for those who wish to take advantage of them. Other members of the Class of ‘11 also have been accepted to outstanding universities, and they and Carmen stand as shining examples and role models for all of our public school students.

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