A Positive Note – Interest in Council Clerk’s post is a good sign

It may be surprising to some that there has been so much interest in the vacant position for Clerk to the Town Council. The posting for the part time job drew 11 candidates (and two more who were too late in submitting their applications) and the decision about who will succeed Carla Vitale as clerk to the council will be made at the council meeting Tuesday night.

Council leaders reportedly expect “an interesting meeting” as it seems there may be a split vote for four finalists (a fifth finalist withdrew from consideration), thus necessitating a second or even more votes until a candidate receives the necessary majority (five votes) of the Council members to receive the appointment.

Why so many candidates for a part-time position? Well, the candidates are obviously interested in serving the town of Winthrop and helping the town.

The position gives an individual an opportunity to help the Council conduct its business in a professional manner. There also is the reality of the economy and the job market (full or part time) in these tough fiscal times.

So it should be an interesting meeting as the nine councilors make a very important decision.

The discussion will be held in open session with the cable television cameras rolling on a live broadcast. You just don’t know what issue or job is going to draw significant interest among residents, but the position of Clerk to the Town Council and who will receive the votes for the appointment has certainly created a buzz.

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