Thanks, Norma Gobiel – Administrative assistant will be missed by all

Norma Gobiel has retired as the administrative assistant to the superintendent of schools, a position she has held for 35 years in the Winthrop School Department. Mrs. Gobiel served admirably and with distinction for six superintendents of schools, helping to ensure smooth transitions between the different administrations. Her responsibilities were many and her wealth of local knowledge about all aspects of the town no doubt helped the superintendents who were trying to get acclimated to their new environment in Winthrop.

Mrs. Gobiel was the familiar face who greeted visitors to the office and more often than not knew the parents on a personal basis. She took the time to learn the new technological advances and the additional required paperwork that all school department personnel must submit to the state education department.

Mrs. Gobiel, whose children and grandchildren have come through the Winthrop school system, did an outstanding job and she did it in unsung fashion. She served the town well and we will miss her majestic presence in the school department office, which ironically, is relocating itself to Winthrop Town Hall from its current home at the E.B. Newton School.

Moreover, we’ll remember Norma as a person of the utmost integrity who took detailed and copious notes at School Committee meetings, both public and in executive session. She was the de facto reporter of the School Committee meetings who did her job without favoritism and only with regard to accuracy.

Thank you, Norma, for a job well done and we trust you’ll enjoy your retirement.

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