Selection Time – Focus turns to general election

Tuesday’s preliminary elections, which featured very few contested races on the ballot, were just a warm-up to what shapes up as an interesting and exciting gubernatorial race.

There are four candidates for the corner office at the State House, Governor Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker, Tim Cahill, and Jill Stein. Cahill, by the way, was a guest of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce Tuesday morning (at its new home, the Lodge of Elks, for the Chamber’s weekly breakfasts) and he impressed the audience with his knowledge and ideas. The polls indicate that Cahill faces an uphill battle, but the voters will decide on Election Day in November whom they want to lead the Commonwealth for the next four years.

Several of our residents of this politically active town will be part of the statewide campaigns for governor. You can expect to see plenty of television ads and public appearances by the candidates. It is a very important election (as all elections are) and we hope that all of the voters will listen to what the candidates have to say and turn out to vote six weeks hence.

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