A Running Problem – Miller Field track surface also needs work

The Northeastern Conference held its annual track meet at Manning Field in Lynn and we can only hope that Winthrop will some day have an outdoor track facility like our good friends in Lynn. What a great coup for Lynn to be able to host all the NEC schools.

Our Hall of Fame coach Pat McGee tells us that there hasn’t been a home track meet at Miller Field in the past two years because it has been deemed unsafe and unsuitable by NEC officials. Pat and many others are unhappy with what can only be termed a disgraceful situation.

We understand that there is a local effort started to refurbish Miller Field, but that the track might have to be put on the back burner for now because of the financial reality.

Let’s hope that someone steps up on behalf of Winthrop’s track athletes and makes Miller Field a jewel for the town, just as Manning Field has become in Lynn.

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