RAA will showcase the work of Todd Bonita

The Rockport Art Association will feature the newest works of oil painter Todd Bonita in a one-man exhibition from March 28 – April 09, 2010. There will be an opening reception on Sunday, March 28 between 2 and 4pm at The Rockport Art Association gallery on 12 Main Street in downtown Rockport. Admission is free and all are invited to view more than twenty-two of Todd’s new works on display, many of which are inspired by his native Winthrop.

“The oil paintings in this show reflect my affection for the coastal waters of New England, with many of the compositions featuring the men and boats that work those waters. Some of my paintings are inspired by the long history of romantic and symbolic imagery that the seas possess, while others simply represent my love of design and picture making”.

“I grew up in Winthrop, Massachusetts surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Boston harbor. The salty air and the romance of the sea have found their place in my creative imagination. I remember a whale washing up on Winthrop beach and in the 1980’s, treasure hunters found Spanish coins from an old shipwreck near the point. Tales of pirates being hung on Nix’s Mate beacon in Boston Harbor and giant sharks sighted off shore drive. This was thrilling stuff for a young boy and it eventually weaved it’s way into my artwork. My paintings are a combination of personal feelings, the subjects that inspire me and the process through the use of materials and techniques. In the end, my primary goal is a composition that portrays simplicity and a contemplative serenity”.

Todd Bonita was raised in Winthrop, Massachusetts and holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston. His art career began multifaceted, including mural work, sculpture and twelve years as an illustrator working for book publishers, creating art for the casino industry and home décor markets. He has worked for clients such as Disney, MTV, Caesar’s Palace, Carnival Cruise, Random House and hundreds of corporate and private clients with his illustrations appearing in over thirty books. His wall art, sculptures and designs were sold in TJ Maxx, Home Goods, boutiques and gift shops in all fifty states and parts of Canada.

He now lives and maintains a studio on the New Hampshire Seacoast where he has primarily focused on fine art oil painting since 2006. His oil paintings are represented in art galleries all over New England, Wisconsin and the UK. You can view his work online at www.toddbonita.com.

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