Winthrop Varsity cheerleaders attend summer camp

The Winthrop Varsity Cheerleaders recently returned from a Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) summer camp. The camp was held at Mt. Ida College in Newton, MA and attracted over 300 cheerleaders from the surrounding states.

The Universal Cheerleaders Association selects award winners at each of the 1,000 camps it administers around the world each summer. The Winthrop Varsity Cheerleaders, led by Coach Lindsay McCracken and Assistant Coach Andrea Sisson, received the following team and individual awards at the Universal Cheerleading Association summer camp they attended.

Superior Performance: The Superior Trophy recognizes that the team is strong in overall technical skills, execution, technique and crowd appeal.

Camp Champions: This tremendous accomplishment is awarded to a team exemplifying outstanding technical skill and cheerleading technique. This trophy was awarded to the team for competing and placing on the last day of camp.

Spirit Stick Winner: The spirit stick is presented to a squad showing sincere spirit and enthusiasm each night at camp. The team received the top banana on day two for being the most spirited amongst the 20 teams and took home a spirit stick for its outstanding teamwork throughout the week.

Camp Star Award: Outstanding individuals who display strength in motions, jumps, cheer and dance. Laura Beranger, Rachel Mailhiot, Kathryn Dernier, Cassie Daley, Lizzie Goddard and Ashley Romano were all awarded camp star pins.

All-American Team Members: This is the most prestigious award in cheerleading today. Participants vying for All-American status are judged on motion technique, jumps, dance, spirit and enthusiasm, voice projection and overall crowd appeal. These individuals are eligible to perform at various UCA Special Events from Philadelphia to London. Senior Laura Beranger and Juniors Kathryn Dernier and Ashley Romano were named All- American Team Members.

In addition, UCA recognized 6 unique cheerleaders out of the 300 at camp for their superior talent and technique. They were presented with an application to become a member of the UCA Staff. Senior Laura Beranger was presented with this honor and has the opportunity to become a member of this elite group of individuals.

Congratulations to the entire team for all their accomplishments! The Winthrop Varsity Cheerleaders kick off their season with their annual Car Wash August 22 from 9am-1pm at the Cummings School. The team will cheer at the first home game September 11 versus Salem and competition season begins in October.

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