National Grid on the docket – Electric company needs to assure its customers

Dave Gendall, regional manager for National Grid, will be making a presentation at Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting. Gendall will be providing the Council an update on the two substations in the town and the work the company is doing to prevent future power outages.

Mr. Gendall gave us a preview of his presentation and it will be a most impressive one. Although power outages are an unfortunate fact of life in Winthrop (most recently there was a power outage on July 21 that affected 3,800 customers in the town), there will be good news for National Grid customers in Winthrop in that there now is a comprehensive back-up plan in effect.

Town Councillor James Letterie, whose business has been affected by the outages, had requested the meeting with National Grid. National Grid has been working hard for the past year as it seeks to develop a system where perfection (no power outages at all) is the goal.

We commend National Grid for taking a proactive approach with our town leaders and for being accessible and professional in its relationship with the Town Council. Thousands of Winthrop residents, whose electrical power is provided by National Grid, no doubt will be eager to hear about National Grid’s efforts. A good crowd is expected at the meeting with many more listening intently to Mr. Gendall’s presentation live on Winthrop cable television.

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