Shining Light – Residents help the WFD raise money for new windows at its two stations

That was certainly an outstanding event at Don Orione Hall in East Boston as more than 450 people showed up to support the Winthrop Fire Department fundraiser.

The proceeds went to replace the windows at the two fire stations on Pauline and Shirley Street. The stations are both more than 110 years old and the windows are the originals.

Upon becoming chief of the department, Paul Flanagan saw the cost of oil rising rapidly and recognized the immediate need to start a weatherization program in his aging buildings.

Realizing the town was in a fiscal crisis, Flanagan, along with members of the department, set out to raise the funds for the windows. The town responded overwhelmingly with its support.

It was great to see residents from all ages and all walks of life enjoying Saturday night’s event. It was evident by the support of this fundraiser that the people of Winthrop truly appreciate the work of the fire department in this town.

The fire department has had some staff reductions and budget cutbacks, but the officers and men of the department have stepped forward willingly to assist in the installation of the new windows.

The Winthrop Fire Department continues to operate with a positive attitude. It is a tribute to Chief Flanagan and the hardworking officers and firefighters of his department that we have a professional and dedicated department of which we can be proud.

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