Winthrop Girl Scout Troop 70227 Earns First Aid Badge With the Support of Winthrop’s Medical Reserve Corps

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Girl Scouts are known for their dedication to helping others and their commitment to learning essential life skills. In their quest to earn their First Aid badge, local Girl Scout Troop 70227 had the opportunity to work alongside the Medical Reserve Corps of Winthrop. This unique collaboration not only provided the girls with vital knowledge but also allowed them to experience firsthand the valuable work done by first responders in their community.

During their time with the Medical Reserve Corps, the Girl Scouts were instructed to follow the “Check, Call, and Care” rule when responding to emergency situations. This rule emphasizes the importance of assessing the scene, calling for help, and providing immediate care to the injured or ill person. By learning this fundamental guideline, the girls gained confidence in their ability to respond effectively in emergency situations.

The first responders from the Medical Reserve Corps also demonstrated how to perform hands-only CPR and the abdominal thrust technique. These life-saving techniques are crucial when attempting to save someone who is choking or experiencing cardiac arrest. The girls were able to practice these techniques under the guidance of the first responders, empowering them with the skills to potentially save lives in the future. 

Another valuable aspect of the day was the opportunity for the girls to explore various first aid supplies and discuss their uses in basic first aid situations. The first responders shared their knowledge of bandages, antiseptics, and other essential items found in a first aid kit. By understanding the purpose and applications of these supplies, the Girl Scouts gained a deeper understanding of how to address common injuries and illnesses.

One of the highlights of the day was the visit from a local ambulance. The girls had the unique opportunity to tour the inside of the ambulance and learn about its equipment and functions. They were even allowed to try out getting an electrocardiogram (EKG) and have their oxygen levels and blood pressure checked. This hands-on experience allowed the girls to better appreciate the important role that ambulances play in saving lives and transporting patients safely to hospitals.

The collaboration between Girl Scout Troop 70227 and the Medical Reserve Corps of Winthrop was a resounding success. Not only did the girls earn their First Aid badge, but they also gained invaluable knowledge

Thanks to the dedication and invaluable support of Kathy Savage, Rick Savage, Sue Huberman, Jeanne Maggio, and the rest of the Medical Reserve Corps, the Girl Scouts of Troop 70227 were provided with exceptional first aid training. John Munson of Beacon Framing and the members of the Odd Fellows graciously offered their space for the troop’s meeting. A heartfelt thank you goes to Meredith Hurley, the Director of Public Health and Clinical Services in Winthrop, for her support and seamless coordination with the MRC and Action Ambulance, ensuring the success of this meeting. Through the selfless efforts of these outstanding individuals and organizations, Troop 70227 had an unforgettable and enriching experience that will forever shape their understanding of first aid and emergency response.

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