WHS Drama Presents Freaky Friday

Winthrop Drama Society will be presenting “Freaky Friday” November 8,9,10, at 7pm, in the Neil Shapiro Center for the Performing Arts, at Winthrop High School. The musical comedy is based on the novel, “Freaky Friday,” by Mary Rogers, and the Disney films.

When single, overworked mother, Katherine, magically switches bodies with her high school teenage daughter, Ellie, the two must masquerade as one another until they are able to solve the dilemma before Katherine’s wedding the next day. 

“They go through challenges that they have to face,” described sophomore, Josie Barry, who plays Ellie. “It builds their relationship.”

The mother and daughter come to appreciate the other’s struggles and realize the boundless love and respect that they have for each other.

“I really like my part,” said senior, Sarah Delehanty, who plays Katherine. “I was excited to find out that I was playing the mother. Katherine is uptight, neurotic, and very particular. She knows what she wants. When she switches with her daughter, she is more loosey-goosey.”

Delehanty is a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, who portrays the mother in the 2003 Disney movie. She and Barry collaborated closely to perfect the physicality of their characters so that audiences will understand the body reversal.

“I love working with Sarah,” said Barry. “It was fun challenging myself.”

Barry, who finds it difficult playing an adult character, is a fan of Lindsay Lohan, who plays the daughter in the 2003 Disney version.

“I love the dance numbers,” Delehanty smiled. “I think they’re so fun. It’s silly choreography.”

Watching the play come together is the most fulfilling part of participating in “Freaky Friday” for senior, Zineb Belghiti, Stage Manager. Belghiti oversees every aspect of the production’s development. From communications to the technical department and rehearsals, Belghiti is taking notes for the 30 cast and crew members.

“I see the actors’ side of things; but I’ve also seen the set designed and built,” explained Belghiti. “I think that’s the most beautiful part of it.”

The set is a series of interchangeable scaffoldings for various scenes such as high school lockers, a kitchen, and the wedding.

A team of costumers gather existing outfits from the Drama Society’s collection; but actors are also self-costuming from their own closets, since the characters are mostly teenagers.

“Through self-costuming, we can add our own, personal aspects, which is important,” added Barry.

Audiences will also view scenes that are not from the original movie, such as a scavenger hunt during the search for the determining item that will return the mother and daughter to their true bodies.

“It’s really funny, but it’s also a nice story that people of any age could enjoy,” said Belghiti. “People know the plot, so it’s interesting to see a different take on it. The biggest difference is how they personify their characters. Each person puts a little bit of themselves into it.”

“Freaky Friday” tickets cost $15 for adults, $10 for students/seniors, and can be purchased at www.WinthropDramaSociety.com.

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