Masonic Project Helps Provide Police With Comfort Kits

By Adam Swift

For first responders, one of the hardest parts of the job can be dealing with small children during an emergency. One local man, Mark AuBuchon, is helping make that part of the job a little bit easier. Last week, AuBuchon dropped off an assortment of Cruiser Comfort Kits to the Winthrop Police Department.

Mark AuBuchon delivered Cruiser Comfort Kits to the Winthrop Police Department and officers Ignacio Oyola, Phil Hamilton, James Freeman, and Lt. James Feeley last Thursday.

The kits, which contain stuffed animals that officers keep in their cruisers, is part of Project Delta. Project Delta is a Freemasons program designed to help first responders provide comfort to kids in crisis.  AuBuchon said he is part of four Masonic lodges, and wanted to help local first responders through the program. The idea of the program is to provide any first responder wishing to partake in the program, a “kit” that contains five to six stuffed animals and a drawstring bag that can be used to not only house these items but also, in case of emergency removal, provide the child with a carry-all for any personal property. The content of these kits can be given out at the discretion of the first responders, and there is no cost to the responders.e at the above contacts. This is not just a Delta Lodge program but a program designed and supported by all Freemasons, according to AuBuchon. Winthrop Police Lt. James Feeley thanked Aubuchon for the kits, and said they would be a valuable tool for the officers in the town. AuBuchon said he was hoping to donate the comfort kits to other police departments in the area, as well.

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