Letters to the Editor

On Speeding in Town

Dear Editor,

I strongly support Councilor Joe Aiello’s comments in the May 4th Transcript regarding the pervasive excessive vehicle speeding in our Town. He correctly identifies the problem as town-wide in nature rather than being restricted to a few isolated locations and he recommends a feasible and comprehensive corrective program that would significantly improve the safety and functionality of Winthrop’s streets for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

During my term as Boston’s Transportation Commissioner, I implemented many of the traffic calming and other safety enhancement programs for Boston that Councilor Aiello is recommending for Winthrop. These programs have proven to be effective road safety enhancements in the City’s neighborhoods, and I am confident they would be similarly successful in Winthrop. I strongly urge their approval by the Town.

Thank you,

John Vitagliano

Former Boston Transportation Commissioner

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