School Committee Explores Employee Title Change

 The Winthrop School Committee met on Monday at Winthrop High School, where it discussed changing Curriculum Director Lori Gallivan’s official title.

The committee is evaluating whether or not to change Gallivan’s title from Curriculum Developer to Assistant Superintendent, a position the district has not had since 2013.

Gallivan would maintain her current responsibilities but have more authority when working with the state. Her salary would remain the same.

In her role as superintendent, Lisa Howard makes decisions that impact the district. With the title of Assistant Superintendent, Gallivan could share some decision-making authority.

Supt. Howard has numerous duties connected to her role, and this change could allow her to delegate some of them. This could include issues of licensure, grant management, the Dept. of Education and audits.

Supt. Howard emphasized that Gallivan is already performing the duties of an assistant superintendent, along with her duties as curriculum director. She noted a time when Gallivan filled her shoes when she had to take extended leave due to health issues.

The proposal would change Gallivan’s title for one year, with the possibility of an extension. The committee will vote on the proposal at its next meeting.

Summer Programs

Summer programming is in full swing. Supt. Howard reported that “students are attending and having fun.”

The staff has also been working hard, hiring new personnel and attending professional development opportunities. All staff will be certified in ALICE, an active shooter training and preparedness program. The Winthrop Police Dept. officers trained in ALICE will provide the instruction.

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