Council Talks Public Safety Building, COVID

The Winthrop Town Council met on Nov. 9, where it discussed the new COVID numbers and the public safety building.

Council Pres. Phil Boncore opened the meeting with a moment of silence for the passing of Christopher Zike, a prominent Winthrop community member who was killed by a drunk driver on Oct. 29.

Zike was passionate about trees, and was a newly-appointed member of the town’s Tree Committee. Frank Costantino read from a prepared statement, where he acknowledged Zike’s many contributions to the town, recalling his “quiet reserve and steady presence.”

“His memory will not soon fade,” he said.


Winthrop reported 63 new positive COVID tests, bringing the town’s percent positive to 3 percent.

The Dept. of Health delivered 500 vaccines in the month preceding the meeting, which included 210 high school students.

Children ages five to 11 are now eligible for a vaccine. A successful pediatric vaccine clinic was held at the Senior Center, and another might be programmed.

Public Safety Building

Council President-Elect James Letterie announced that he has concerns regarding both of the proposed sites for the new public safety building that were laid out at the Fall Forum. He asked for a detailed list of all the sites considered, as well as the approximate square footage needed to accommodate both the police and fire departments.

Councilor Rob DeMarco added that the public had also expressed opposition to the two sites during public comment at a past meeting.

Vocational School

The Council viewed a slideshow presentation for the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational Technical High School. The presentation included MSBA policy and legislative concerns, and the estimated cost to member towns.


The Dept. of Health secured a $40,000 grant that will train Winthrop Police Dept. officers in implicit bias and equitable policing. Mental health clinicians will also work alongside the police to address the town’s addiction crisis.

The Tree Committee has recommended swapping out some of the trees in the town center.

Town Manager Terence Delehanty will be out of the office from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 to attend a training on the use of force in policing.

Pres. Phil Boncore and President-Elect James Letterie will work with Community Paradigm Associates to search for a permanent Town Manager. The nonprofit has experience scouting talent to fill managerial positions.

Winthrop Rink opened on Nov. 11 for the season. Its schedule can be found on its website at

The Winthrop Ferry will cease service for the season on Nov. 19.

The DPW has drafted bid documents for the Clock Tower at the E.B. Newton School & Cultural Center at 45 Pauline St.

Leaf collection will take place on Nov. 20 and Dec. 18 beginning at 7am. Lawn bags must be used, and must contain only leaves, no branches.

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