Mi-Amore Helps to Fill Community Food Needs

The year 2020 was one that tested many Winthrop residents, particularly those with job losses and unforeseen illnesses. Well aware of the community’s trying times, Mi-Amore helps to fill food insecurity and on December 23rd, the group of volunteers delivered meals to 53 homes consisting of 80 adults and 91 children. Taking their mission up a level, Mi-Amore is now distributing weekly food from a food bank recently started by Park Street Church in Boston.

Pictured, are several of the Mi-Amore board members. The complete list of members
includes: Dr. Jeffrey Carson, Suzanne Carson, Shannon Poulos, Meredith Hurley, Jason and
Micah Tallent, Chris Wallerce, Stella Carson, Jon Poulos, Nicole Ferrara, Ann Vasquez, Jennifer
Powell, Jane Rupp, and Kay O’Dwyer.

“Over the past six years, the project has become a part of the community, embraced by all,” said Mi-Amore Founder Jeff Carson. “We have touched the discretionary human capital that exists in Winthrop. From Scott’s Auto Shop to the Marketplace, we are impacting the most destitute families in Winthrop. Imagine being a child in our project and knowing that the community cares about you because of your situation and is working to make your life better. That is the power of this community and project.”

From donations, the project was able to provide meals as well as Walmart and Target gift cards to struggling families in Winthrop. Since 2014, several different sectors of the community have played a role in the success of the food recovery program. As an expanded mission of Mi-Amore, Scott’s Auto met the urgent transportation needs, adding another layer of support. The Winthrop Marketplace took their contributions a step further when they were closed due to COVID and donated over $7,000 worth of perishable food.

 “Mi-Amore is a great organization that is run by wonderful and amazing people that help so many in this community,” said Marketplace Store Manager, Chris Wallerce.

Top Corporate and Foundation Partners for 2020

• The Boston Foundation

• The Winthrop Foundation

• MSA Mortgage

• The Barron Family Fund/Willow Tree Foundation

• The Eruzione Family/Winthrop Charities

• The 11 Foundation

• Survivors by the Sea

• Cottage Park Yacht Club

• Harbor City Church

• Scott’s Auto Repair

• United Steel Workers

Top Food Sources for 2020

 • Paul W. Marks Company

• Muffin Town

• Blackstrap BBQ

• The Winthrop Marketplace


• Park Street Church

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