George Costonis

Whenever we think of George Costonis, the word that comes to mind is “energy,” a quality that George brought to everything he did, whether it was in his business endeavors, raising his family, or his many civic contributions that benefited the town and its residents.

He had a zest for life that truly epitomized the ancient Roman proverb, “Carpe diem” — seize the day.

George Costonis was a born-and-bred Winthropite who, along with a handful of other forward-looking fellow residents and local businessmen such as Michael Caruccio, helped to lift Winthrop from the moribund community it had become in the period after World War II into the modernity of the latter part of the 20th century.

He realized that with the coming of the jet age in the 1960s and the subsequent growth of Logan Airport, Winthrop’s proximity to the airport would become attractive to airline workers and to employees at Massport.

He also recognized that there was a need to develop housing for those of his parents’ generation who were looking to sell their big homes and downsize into an affordable apartment, while still being able to remain in their home community.

The construction by Mr. Costonis of the first condominium building in Winthrop, the Nautilus on Washington Ave. in the early 1970s, ushered in a new trajectory in our town’s development and growth.

George Costonis truly loved Winthrop and its people. His passing marks the end of an era in our community. We know we join all of our fellow long-time residents in offering our condolences to his family. May he rest in peace

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