Letter to the Editor

Thank You

Dear Editor,

Many may remember flooding in Winthrop Center in late 2017 when waters reached car handle doors.  A small lake has formed each year at the bottom of our Cottage Park Road and Somerset Avenue.  These are only a few reasons the Town has consigned with P. Gioioso & Sons to conduct major sewer, drain, and water repair in the Center area.

I personally want to thank Superintendent Frank Fruci and all the good construction crew working on this involved and difficult project.  These workers bring the word “labor” to a new level.  They work hard and are very considerate of residents who are impacted by noise, parking relocation, etc.  The workers are quick to advise neighbors of BRIEF water shutoffs and water resumption.

Thank you Town officials for legislating this essential infrastructure and keeping us all apprised of upcoming work.  Thank you state legislators for grant money you may have sanctioned.   Thank you Steve Calla, Public Works Director, for your and your staff’s assistance in any way.

We’ll all experience some inconvenience while this construction is going on, but in the end it’ll all be worth it! Thank you to all those workers making a positive difference in our Winthrop Center.

Donna Segreti Reilly

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