Capobianco Steps Down from Airport Hazards Committee

Will enroll in Suffolk University graduate program

Valentino “Tino” Capobianco has stepped down from the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee that works with the Massport Authority to monitor air pollution, noise and other hazards at Logan International Airport.

Capobianco said he resigned from the committee because he will be enrolling in a Suffolk University part-time, dual-degree graduate program.

“I resigned because I was accepted to a program at Suffolk University part-time and I just don’t have the time to balance the work and School Committee and I need to cut one committee out of my time,” said Capobianco, who will continue to serve on the Winthrop School Committee.

Capobianco, who has been a member of the Airport Hazards Committee since 2016, said though he officially announced his resignation at the Nov. 18 meeting, he had made the decision to leave a month ago.

As it turned out, the resignation of three other members – chair Gina Cassetta and members Linda Cargill and Josephine Fatta — were also announced at the Nov. 18 meeting. Their resignations are unrelated to Capobianco’s resignation.

Cassetta said she and members are preparing a formal statement and will release the statement next week.

“I didn’t know everyone else was going to resign,” said Capobianco. “I resigned just for the purpose of grad school. I have nothing but gratitude for the work of my fellow members of the Committee and the great coordination with the Council.”

The four remaining members of the Committee are Vice Chair Jerome Falbo, Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo, Richard Bangs, and Hannah Belcher.

Capobianco, who graduated from Suffolk in 2011 with a degree in American Government and Politics, will be pursuing separate master’s degrees in Public Administration (MPA) and Applied Politics. He has received the Suffolk Graduate Grant Award for academic excellence and will begin his graduate studies in January.

 Capobianco, 32, will be continuing in his full-time position at the State House as the chief of staff to Sen. Paul Feeney, who was re-elected without opposition in November.

 Town Council President Philip Boncore said the town is accepting applications from residents who wish to serve on the Airport Hazards Committee.

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