Town Gears Up For Election Day

Winthrop volunteers and town employees are gearing up for election day, set for November 3, 2020. Since September 1st,  624 new voters have been added, and hundreds of voter registrations have had to be corrected. There are a total of 13,117 voters. Approximately 5700 early voting and absentee ballots have been sent out. These ballots must be returned by 8:00 pm on Nov. 3rd to be counted. 

The early voting sessions were well attended, serving approximately 160 voters per day. In addition to new voting booths and plastic shields at all polling locations, the SOC supplied the town with personal protective equipment and items needed to ensure the safety of the poll workers and voters.

“We appreciate the high amount of civic engagement and turnout we’ve witnessed so far,” said Town Manager Austin Faison. “We also are appreciative of the community’s understanding of the unique position that we are in having a Presidential election during a pandemic. The rules that we put in place are for everyone’s safety, and the public has done a great job with compliance.”

Town employees are urging voters to be respectful to the volunteers who will be putting in countless hours to man the polls and serve the community. It is also expected that voters be well-informed prior to election day.

“We were lucky to have a few kind volunteers help with ballot labeling and stuffing, and some have helped out at Early Voting with line and door monitoring,” said Joanne DeMato, Acting Town Clerk. “I would like to remind voters to kindly wear their masks , stand six feet apart, and to not use any hand sanitizer while handling the  ballot as a wet ballot will jeopardize the voting machines. Happy voting and may the best candidate win.”

Voting Early in Winthrop

There is still time to vote early in Winthrop. Early voting is available at the Harvey Room in Town Hall (Hermon St. entrance) on Thursday (today), from 2-6 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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