Rob O’Dwyer: Regional School Committee Candidate for Winthrop

By Rob O’Dwyer

I am asking for your write in vote to represent Winthrop on the Northeast Regional School Committee for this election. My address is 52 Cottage Ave., Winthrop MA 02152, United States.

It has come to my attention that I did not make the ballot, which I fully intended to do.

I collected signatures and support, submitted the signatures to town hall on time, and missed the step that I was supposed to retrieve the signatures and then send them to Secretary Galvin’s office.

This was done during the pandemic, and otherwise I would have walked in to town hall, had the papers certified, and been instructed to the next step, when I would have walked to the post office and sent the papers in. Please take a look at the page, Rob O’Dwyer: Regional School Committee Candidate for Winthrop to get an idea of who I am and why I am running. My contact information is listed there, as well as my LinkedIn profile

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