Lederman Recovering from Medical Emergency

Well-known Winthrop resident Jim Lederman is resting comfortably at a local rehabilitation facility following surgery.

Lederman, known as “The Voice of the Vikings,” suffered a heart attack at his home on Oct. 5 and was rushed by ambulance to Massachusetts General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to remove blockages in his arteries. Lederman has been transferred to a facility where he has begun his rehabilitation process.

Speaking about his medical emergency during a telephone interview, Lederman said he had felt pains in his chest and called his neighbor, Dr. Michael Murphy, who rushed to the scene to provide medical assistance. Dr. Murphy alerted the Winthrop Fire Department who arrived within minutes to also assist in Lederman’s medical care and transporting him to the hospital.

“I am grateful to Dr. Murphy and the Winthrop Fire Department for saving my life – they were outstanding,” said Lederman. “The doctors at the hospital told me after my surgery that I was fortunate that I got to the hospital when I did.”

Lederman said he had undergone knee surgery two weeks prior to his heart attack.

A noted Winthrop High School sports historian, Lederman said he hopes to return home soon and continue his recuperation.

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