Letter to the Editor

No – The Choice Is Not Trump or Biden

Dear Editor,

This is surely the most significant and potentially transforming election in the history of our country. It is imperative that we all stop and recognize what it is that we are voting on. No, the choice is not Trump or Biden. The choice is Democracy or Marxism.

Only one of the candidates will promote success and elevate of this country’s citizens. He will defend and advance those characteristics that makes this nation the economic engine that promotes U.S. and global success. Only one candidate will create an environment in which every demographic group again achieves the lowest unemployment rate in our nation’s history. Only one candidate will support and fully fund our police and military. In short only one candidate will preserve Liberty, Capitalism and the Constitution as we know it, and only one candidate will insure this Nation continues to be the envy of the world.

The other candidate will institute fundamental change. He will defund our police. The other candidate guaranteed that he, “will raise everyone’s taxes.” The other candidate will eradicate the borders, bestow more rights to illegal immigrants than the legal population, encourage rioting and violence in the streets, release violent criminals from prison, bankrupt the country with the $93 trillion (over 10 years) Green New Deal.

The other candidate supports the Green New Deal which promises economic security for “those unwilling to work.” In a Senate vote on March 26, 2019 (with 48 Democrats present) not a single Senator voted for the Green New Deal! The GND will eliminate air travel, interfere with the mechanics of the free market system, eliminate traditional energy sources resulting in vastly inadequate heating and power supplies for our homes. The other candidate will usher in Anti-capitalist de-growth policies, bloated government, government control over every aspect of our lives……..That is Marxism. Pragmatically, Marxist=Socialism=Communism.

Understand on Nov 3, it is not a choice between two candidates. It is not a choice between two different personalities. It is not a choice of how much the next national budget will be.

On Nov. 3 the vote you cast will be for Democracy or Marxism/Socialism. Do NOT vote carelessly.

Paul Caruccio  Chairman Winthrop Republican Town Committee 

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