Election Volunteer Highlight: Hannah Belcher

Long-time resident, Hannah Belcher, is stepping up and getting involved in the community. In addition to staying updated on town council meetings and her appointment to the Scholarship Committee, Belcher’s most recent effort has been taking on the role of Election Volunteer. In response to the need for extra volunteers due to COVID, she helped out with early voting, tabulating the early and mail-in votes the week before the State Primary Election and on election day she assisted with checking voters in, collecting ballots and making sure the voting environment was safe and sanitized.

What made you want to volunteer?

I’ve been wanting to become more engaged in the town and politics in general, and with the need for extra volunteers due to COVID this year, it was the perfect opportunity to jump in!

How will this year’s elections be different than in year’s past?

With COVID, there is an added challenge in getting people out to vote, which in itself is not a unique hurdle during election season. I think the increased availability of mail-in and early voting is going to be a huge help in combating those challenges. It is also a politically charged election season, and I’m glad that the town is doing all that they can to enable everyone to vote in the safest ways possible. The Town Clerk’s office has been working tirelessly to make sure everyone’s opinion can be heard, even during a pandemic.

Born and raised in Winthrop, Belcher is invested in the community and plans to continue her involvement.

“Winthrop means so much to me! It’s beautiful seaside views and small town atmosphere cultivate a true sense of community that I hope everyone who lives here feels. It has so much to offer and is continually growing and evolving. There are so many wonderful small businesses in town, and it’s so exciting to see it progressing in that way. Seeing efforts by the town to improve and grow through projects like WIN2030 and efforts like the addition of the diversity committee have really reinvigorated my love for Winthrop. The town as a whole is striving to make involvement accessible, which is so wonderful. My family has a long history in town, which really makes me feel a strong connection to it. Winthrop will forever and always be home to me.”

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