Return to School Task Force Formed in Winthrop

As the state starts to reopen, school personnel are standing by awaiting the Department of Education’s next guidelines. To be prepared for the various ways that schools will be attended in the fall, the Winthrop district has formed a return to school task force. The task force is composed of subgroups that focus on the various parts that allow a school to run. With the help of faculty, staff, and town personnel, these subgroups are broken up into the following: facilities, health and safety, communication, finance, athletics, technology, building based teaching and learning and food service.

“At this point, we don’t know what the reopening of schools will look like in the fall and we have to take all possibilities into consideration,” said School Superintendent Lisa Howard. “Mid-June is a little late for us to plan for September, but the combined work of the task force subgroups will help to advise us on comprehensive plans to relaunch programs.”

It is unknown what the return to public schools will look like and governor guidance will dictate the next steps, whether students will be back in a traditional learning setting or remote learning will continue.

“The goal is to optimize safety and security of students, families and staff and we will continue to communicate our progress to the community.”

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