Kate’s Corner: Rock Message Sculptor Brings Joy to Residents

If you’ve walked by Winthrop Beach recently, you’ve likely noticed some uplifting sayings written in rock. Deemed as “rock sculptures with a positive message,” by the creator, Ed Snow, these rock statements have been raising the spirits of passerby since the start of the pandemic.

“I thought it would be nice to have something positive out there for people to see,” said Snow, who takes his rock sculpting job seriously. “I just like spreading a nice message and making people feel good.”

Snow’s mission to bring smiles is working, as he gets different forms of applause multiple times a day. Several residents offer him a thumb’s up and others say a simple thank you, as he puts together the many words that are peppered along Winthrop Beach. On average, it takes him three and a half hours to complete two words. While some may think this is time consuming, there is a reason for the lengthy project. Snow worked as an engraver for thirty years and he learned the complex trade of perfecting fonts in stone. With his rock sculpture project, he spends a lot of time collecting the right rocks before he even gets started on a word. Then, he uses a piece of driftwood to outline the word, molding it before he sets the rocks down in a comprehensible fashion.

“It’s a workout carrying the bags of rocks around, but it makes me happy to bring joy to others.”

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