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Infrastructure Improvements on CBD Project

As work progresses on the Center Business District Infrastructure Project and the Town of Winthrop continues to complete repairs on the water distribution system in this area, some nearby residents may be contacted by the Department of Public Works to install a temporary water supply to your household.  Residents who may be affected by this temporary connection will receive a notice from the Department of Public Works.

As a result of the work on this project, the Town will supply those contacted, water through a temporary bypass system for the duration of the work. In order to complete the temporary bypass connection, the Town of Winthrop’s Contractor, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. will need to access your water meter on April 29, 2020. Once you are connected to the temporary bypass system, your water will operate as normal. Should you experience issues with the temporary water system or have any questions or concerns relative to the temporary water supply, please contact the Town of Winthrop Department of Public Works at (617) 846-1341, Monday through Thursday between 7AM and 11AM or email the Director of Public Works at [email protected] and your concerns will be addressed immediately.

If you experience an unexpected interruption in water at any time, please contact P. Gioioso emergency contact roster below:

1.     Frank Fruci, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc., Superintendent: (617)-592-3784

2.     Marco Gioioso, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc., Project Manager:  (617) 592-3786

3.     Gino Gioioso, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc., Owner:  ((617) 592-3787

The Town of Winthrop and our contractor understand that this is an unprecedented time and we want to reassure everybody that the health and safety of all our residents, workers, and staff is our number one priority. As such, we remain committed to social distancing, mandatory face coverings, and gloves. Any worker or town staff that needs to enter a home or business will adhere to these requirements and will enter from the closest accessible door to where the meter is located. They will quickly close and open the specific valves needed to initiate the temporary water service and will leave from the same entry door. Anybody opposed to the required work should contact Frank Fruci (listed above) to inform them that entry will not be permitted and that you will assume responsibility of closing and opening the required internal valves and complete the temporary service hook-up to ensure uninterrupted water.  This procedure is as follows:

1.      Shut the main supply valve located before or immediately after the water meter

2.     Open the hose spigot valve

3.     Connect the temporary service hose to the exterior spigot

4.     Contact Frank Fruci to coordinate to have the feed valve attached to the temporary water main be opened

Thank you for your cooperation with these essential repairs.

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