Boating Season Is Fast Approaching: Mooring Permits/ Waterways Fees Due by May 1

Winthrop boaters are reminded that boating season is quickly approaching.

In accordance with town by-law 12.32 sec 4-9 any boat habitually moored in Winthrop must display a current Winthrop Waterways and Excise Sticker on the boat and a Mooring Permit sticker on the mooring ball (if using a mooring). Stickers are issued by the Town Tax Collector’s Office after payment of all fees.

To lawfully moor/ dock your boat in Winthrop you must:

• Ensure your Boat is Properly Registered/ Documented: All vessels with motor propulsion of any kind must be registered with the Mass. Environmental Police, or officially documented with the Coast Guard. In accordance with state law, boats with out-of-state registrations may remain in MA waters for up to 60 consecutive days before having to register in MA.

• Pay Your Boat Excise Tax: Boat excise tax is determined by the Town Assesor’s Office and paid at the Tax Collector’s Office at town hall. If you already paid excise tax on your boat in another Massachusetts city/ town you do not need to pay again. Include proof of payment to another city or town.  Excise payments can be made online.

• Pay the Waterways Fee: Residents pay $200, Non-Residents pay $250. 

• For Returning Boaters: It is your responsibility to make sure all fees are paid and that town stickers are on the boat by May 1st of the new season. If you were waiting for renewal forms but have not received them you must email  the Town Tax Collector’s Office or the Harbormaster at [email protected] Payments can be mailed to the Treasurer’s Office or dropped in the mail slot by the front door to Town Hall.

• Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for us to mail your stickers.

• Apply Stickers to Boat and Mooring: After payment of the above fees, the Tax Collector’s Office will issue your stickers which will need to be applied to your boat and mooring. If you are not using a mooring you do not need to apply the mooring sticker. Placement of the stickers is important. (click here for instructions on placing stickers). Stickers must be on the boat by May 1st each year.

Violations: Boats observed not displaying town stickers that are habitually moored or docked in the Town of Winthrop are subject to a $75 fine, per violation, per day by the Harbormaster Department.

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