Police Blotter 12-24-2019

Monday, Dec. 9

Party came in to report someone entered her motor vehicle sometime overnight and stole several items.

Woman saw male person quickly enter and exit home from home. People working on third-floor of house.

Package stolen reported it to company just wanted to report it with police.

Party came in to report she was struck by a motor vehicle on November 29th while in the crosswalk at Pleasant Street and Main Street.

Female party was driving outside of her restricted time; she is parking her vehicle and will get a ride home. Officer will summons her for driving during restricted hours, report to follow.

Two black longhaired German Shepard’s could not get them in her car. Called headquarters and asked if police could dispatch a unit or call Animal Control. Dispatching 92 to look for dogs, animal control was contacted he is checking to see if he knows who they belong to. The dogs are unfounded, they are believed to be out of Somerset Ave. Clear

Caller has video footage of a party checking vehicles doors last night. Her vehicle was rummaged through but she did not report it because her doors were unlocked and nothing was stolen.

Party called to report that noise has started again coming from the apartment overhead. Caller would just like it noted at this time.

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Workers blocked pregnant woman’s driveway. 91 states construction vehicle, vehicle moved. Clear.

Dog ran away, mixed Chihhahua about 7 lbs. color is tan. Dog’s name is Tawni, did not have a collar on. Does have chip in her ear.

Party states her old neighbor dropped a Pit Bull off in her front yard and would like animal control to come get it. Party called back owner who came and picked up the dog.

Caller states there is a male and female with red hair both wearing black screaming and yelling. Possibly drunk, just went into food mart. Officers spoke to both parties, they were very cooperative, they did admit to a little arguing but nothing criminal, they are going home. Units clear.

Caller wanted to note she received a scam call from a female stating she was a police officer with social security demanding money.

Caller stating she confronted her neighbor about his dog peeing in the garage. When she confronted him, he screamed at her and stated he would fix her.

Motor vehicle Stop for registration. Party had his sick infant in the vehicle, coming from the hospital.  He is brining the vehicle home and is going to renew the registration.

Male party came into request some reports on an incident that took place on Wadsworth Ave., Party was run for warrants and no restraining order in effect.

Wednesday, Dec. 11

Calling party stated that her neighbor across the street w ho is elderly and has dementia asked her to call Police. Neighbor stated he is alone but usually has someone with him. Party was taken to Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

Two-car motor vehicle accident. One vehicle hit a parked vehicle.

Gentleman came to the Station to report that he head accidentally struck the side mirror of a work van. The gentleman left his information on the van for the owner, but wanted to report it in case the information got lost at the scene.

Officer reports the landscaper is concerned for the well being of the female at residence. Mail is piling up, no answer at the door. Units report they retrieved the owners phone number from a neighbor. She is not home and she is ok.

Operating without a license. Verbal warning.

Concerned party found golden retriever with a color collar no tags. Revere Alpha Charlie 1 contacted Ocean View Kennel due to previous call for a lost Golden Retriever a few days ago in Winthrop. The owner of the dog called and stated she works in Winthrop and cannot leave until 11 a.m. Spoke to people holding the dog and they stated they could hold the dog until that time.

Thursday, Dec. 12

Caller states someone stole rear left tire from his motor vehicle.

Female party walked into the station to report she allowed two females (sisters) to reside with her for a short time. She is cordially going to request them to leave the residence. She was advised of her rights to a 209A order and to call the police immediately should another incident occur.

Caller states her neighbors are making loud noises, banging on her ceiling. Officer spoke with party is going to try and keep the noise down.

Caller states she wants a well-being check on her grandson. He was so show up at her house and never did. 92 Made contact with party, and spoke with grandmother. Party was frustrated over the situation. Clear.

Friday, Dec. 13

Party stated her car was stolen and hung up called back multiple times no answer. Party was in house but no recent encounter unsure what address. Message was left.

Female neighbor throwing trash in calling parties trash and overflowing the barrel and causing a mess. Spoke to all parties involved party throwing trash into the neighbors barrel will cease. Units clear.

Female party came in to report someone has been using her ATM card in Peabody, Revere, Boston and Winthrop.

Caller received a concerning scam phone call regarding her deceased grandmother. She didn’t provide any information. She is requesting to speak to an officer. Operator was close to causing a major accident at intersection. Red light violation. Citation issued. Clear.

Person stated there was a male party wearing a gray hoodie ran towards Thornton on foot trying to unlock the cellar door. When the floodlights came on he ran.  The house has Xmas lights. Units spoke with all parties and will do an area check to make sure no one is around. Units clear.

Caller saw a black Lab running around the vicinity of Temple and Cliff Ave., red collar. The party went back on the street and the dog was gone. She just wanted to make a note of it.

Saturday, Dec. 14

Call came in by Fire Station 2 – 2 vehicles parked on the corner and fire is unable to make the swing. Both vehicles have been tagged.

Sunday, Dec. 15

Caller states a vehicle struck a parked car and fled down Veterans Rd.

Units report male party crashed vehicle. Two flat tires and airbag deployed. Medical aid requested for an evaluation. Reports male party is in custody.

Calling party states police came out earlier for people doing construction at said address. They are now back and calling party would like an officer to come by. Contractors had left prior to officer arrival, officer spoke to party and he was concerned about lack of permits, Officer will check into that on Monday. Units clear.

Calling party states that his vehicle was hit. His neighbors had furniture delivered and he suspects it was the moving van.

Large tree/branch down near River Rd., between cemetery and golf course. Caller is directing traffic. Officer states it is Cross Street and will notify DPW.

Male party called to state he had an altercation with his girlfriend. He is now at a friend’s house and will contact police so he can retrieve some items from girlfriend’s apartment. Officer spoke to female she is fine, male party left prior to his arrival. Units clear.

Female party walked into the station to report her car was stolen. Vehicle was in an accident and towed by G/J.

Caller states she is having problems with her third-floor apartment tenant. Officers spoke to all parties involved, alleviated the problem for now, it’s a civil matter all parties were advised of their rights.

Caller states her upstairs neighbors are being loud, yelling and banging. Officers spoke to resident, it was more information, she was also advised of her rights, no violations were observed. Units clear.

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