Town Gears Up For Election Day

On Nov. 5, voters are encouraged to check off their choices on the ballot. This year’s voting day will bring with it a welcomed rise in participation, as Jim Letterie, John Munson, and Kurt Millar vie for the precinct 2 position.

In addition to Precinct 2, other voters will see the following on their ballot:

Precinct 1, 2 years

Richard H.Ferrino

Precinct 4, 4 years

Barbara T. Flockhart

Precinct 6, 4 years

Stephen M. Ruggiero II

Councilor At Large (2 Year)

Robert A. DeMarco

Councilor At Large (4 Year)

Tracey Honan

Philip Boncore

Council President 2 years

Philip R. Boncore

Housing Authority, 4 years

Frank R. Ferrara*

Richard D. Honan*     

Marie Matarazzo        

Vincent W. Wisniewski, Jr.

Library Trustee (2 Year)

Ruth Koch-Ashton

Laura Marie Barrett

Library Trustee (4 Year)

John R. Dowd, Jr.

Nancy E. Giuffre

Denise V. LoConte

Lisa May Schad

Ronald E. Bergman*

Voters will be asked to vote yes or no for the adoption of a bylaw that prohibits all or certain types of adult (recreational) use marijuana establishments from operating in town.

A “YES” vote on this Ballot Question would be in favor of adopting the Zoning Bylaw to PROHIBIT all types of adult-use marijuana establishments in the Town. 

A “NO” vote would be OPPOSED to adopting the prohibitory Zoning Bylaw.

On a mission to communicate with residents to ensure transparency regarding voting protocol, Town Clerk, Carla Vitale has been updating the Carla Vitale Town Clerk Facebook page.

November 5

 Polling Locations:

Precinct 1          Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

Precinct 2          Arthur T. Cummings School at 40 Hermon Street

Precinct 3          Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

Precinct 4          O’Connell Hall on Golden Drive

Precinct 5          Arthur T. Cummings School at 40 Hermon Street

Precinct 6          Winthrop Middle/High School at 400 Main Street

Precincts 2 & 5 now vote in the Cummings School Cafetorium, School Street Entrance. There is no school on election-day, November 5th  and the polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

To confirm you are properly registered to vote and the correct location, visit The Secretary of State’s Voter Database:

Or call the office at 617-846-1742

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