Police Blotter 10-31-2019

Monday, Oct. 21

Nephew calling wanting a well-being check on his aunt who isn’t answering the phone or door. Fire Department. gained access and female being transported to hospital.

Truck blocking the road at Shirley Street.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Pleasant St. Both parties are fine and refuse medical.

Party called to report receiving an annoying and harassing letter today subsequently to receiving a note on her car on 10/15. Officer spoke to subject and checked cameras. Will follow up.

Caller states there is a gray Mustang MA Reg that has been parked in front of his house for over a week plate comes back to a different car.

Caller is concerned that his neighbors door has been wide open for several days. Units clear, apartment is empty, units will secure the door.

Party was painting fire lanes at Michael’s Mall and his vehicle broke down. Officers jumped his car.

School reports a skunk loitering in the children’s playground area and may be sick. ACO Vanburkirk notified on his cell and will check the area.

Stolen motor vehicle recovered in Charlestown. Owner notified.

Party came in to report he lost his son’s U.S. Passport while conducting business at the Town Hall.

Medium size dog barking in the window, cuts all over his face. Injuries appear to be old. A second dog has no injuries. Spoke to neighbors, they report nothing out of the ordinary at the house.

Black male knocking on doors, wanted money trying to put himself through school.

Called in by a passerby stating there are two used hyperemic needles on the sidewalk at River Road and Chester Avenue.

Disturbance Call at Star Nails. Male party outside the store harassing the employees. Tall heavy set white male wearing grey/blue blazer over a Patriots jersey. Party transported to hospital.

Maintenance form Governors Park states there is a red Chevy pick-up parked. Caller states the vehicle has been swapping out plates and believes the vehicle may be stolen would like to speak to an officer. Vehicle will be towed.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Calling party states there is a knife in the bushes on Winthrop St. She will stand by and wait for police.

Calling party states that when he was making a delivery in DVS he came out and noticed that his truck had been hit from behind. He would like to speak to an officer and file a report. Party was located on the right side of building in a Ryder Truck.

Thursday, Oct. 24

Female party called extremely upset stating her husband is not answering his call ph one. He is the one that lifts her handicap son from his wheel chair. She was told they would assist her with her son.

Alarm Sounding at Shirley Street, Alarm Company called back to cancel.

Reports of Fire in apartment. WPD Units clear, toaster fire.

Verbal between son and his father’s girlfriend. No crime. No domestic.

Well being check. Party is fine, her hearing aids blew so she was unable to hear the doorbell.

Call of a fire hydrant over flowing at Prospect Ave.

Caller states his neighbor keeps throwing her trash in his barrels and only sees it happen in video footage. Would like unit to speak to female party.

Reports of roofing company is refusing to stop work without a permit from the building commissioner. Company is sealing roof for now and are going to try and get a permit.

Blue jeep parked on the street due to the fact he is broken down. He will have it towed and was issued a parking pass.

Black Mercury parked for over four days. Female wants the car moved so she can cut her trees. Spoke to neighbors and unknown who owns the vehicle.

Caller states two vehicles have been parked every night, men are sleeping in them on the street. Reports parties had a disagreement with t heir landlord, they slept in their cars, they are packing up now.

Female caller party concerned about her neighbor who hasn’t seen neighbor in a few days and shades have been drawn and dogs aggressive at the window. All is well.

Diesel truck running for several hours polluting the air on Veterans Road. 91 Reports there is an Insulation Company and no way else to do it.

Two-car motor vehicle accident. Medical refused.

Intoxicated male party is breaking into cars. Male party was escorted home.

Caller states a party is possibly being abused. She stated she passed by and heard crying and yelling. Units spoke with home worker, walked around the house and everything seemed in order.

2 Car motor vehicle accident. Mercedes took out a fence and a Stop sign as well as street sign.

White female thin glasses with a beanie threatening customers on Woodside Ave., Party left before officer arrived, she will not be allowed back to CVS.

Possum in the trash barrel at the park with a lot of kids around. Clear parents go possum out.

Caller states her neighbor is yelling and screaming at her about putting a fence up. Peace restored, dispute over fence.

93 states there is party going on, there are multiple cars parked everywhere, he issuing tickets.

Party came in to report that she retrieved her car from G&J Towing in Revere and there was damage to the front right side of the bumper.

Party came into the station to report being harassed verbally and over social media. She will report any further incidents in the expectation of obtaining a harassment order.

Person stating she is having a parking issue and is very upset about the situation. States there are multiple people parking on her street who should not be there. 91 states there are 7 spots on the street. Told her the vehicles are legally parked. If the vehicle is not gone between 1-5 he will tag it.

Caller states woman is screaming and yelling, banging cabinets, throwing things. WPD was there yesterday as well. Party will try to calm herself down and declined further services at this time.

Friday, Oct. 25

Calling party states at the intersection of Revere St. and Shirley St., a Winthrop taxi is parked on the crosswalk making it difficult for pedestrians to cross the street safety.

Possible Overdose. Seizure, vomiting, taking to MGH.

Unresponsive male in a white Nissan. The party was checked out, 31 year old male transported to Whidden Hospital.

Red Mazda broke down in the middle of the street blocking traffic. Vehicle towed.

18 Wheeler parked in the rear parking lot on Woodside Ave. and has been running for 2 hours with no one inside.

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