Police Blotter 10-03-2019

Monday, Sept. 23

Reporting party on Nevada Street stated no motor vehicles were tagged and the street sweeper could not properly clean the street. This is ongoing. A citation was given.

Party called headquarters to notify them about a deceased turkey at the end of Fremont Street near Buchanan Street. Sgt. Feeley will have an officer check it out.

An elderly male on Overlook got a scam call. He gave no information, just wanted it noted.

Report of a white Husky with no tags, no collar on Somerset Avenue. Oceanview Kennel was informed and they will be awaiting the dog’s arrival. The owner called and will pick up the dog after work.

Party from Banks Street came to the station in reference to a past larceny which was reported on June 7. He needed to add a stolen credit card number and charges made to it.

Caller reported two scam calls.

Another caller claims the superintendent is tampering with her laundry. Caller cannot leave the window open because the super walks by and was shouting in the window. This is an ongoing issue. Caller will be in court the first of the year.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Male party was looking into Dunkin’ windows and then asking people for a light. He then was going back to stare at the workers. This was called in by a passerby. Unit reports no one matching the description at Dunkin’. Will search the area.

Units off execution of a search warrant at Grand View Avenue. One individual in custody for four counts of distributing Class A drug, possession of Class A drug and two counts of possession of Class B drug.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a minor motor vehicle accident. No injuries. All parties exchanged paperwork. One party spoke to work and his work told him he needs to file a report.

Party on Quincy Avenue reports there is a motor vehicle parked on the street overnight and in the way of street sweeping. She is concerned that her part of the street won’t get cleaned. If the owner cannot be contacted, motor vehicle will be tagged. The vehicle was tagged for street sweeping.

Report of an elderly male party on Bartlett Road who appears to be confused. Possible dementia. Medical requested for male party. 86-year-old male enrollee to MGH via Action.

Report of two Civics racing down Main Street towards Magee’s Corner. No plate given. Another call stating vehicles headed toward Winthrop Parkway towards Revere Beach. BOLO given out and Revere notified.

Party on Hermon Street states that a male party struck a retaining wall and left the scene. A construction worker witnessed the event. A green Nissan struck the wall with no further information. Neighbor came forward as the party who struck the wall. Information was exchanged and parties are satisfied.

Party came to the station earlier to ask about an officer and a badge number that doesn’t exist here. Party went on to report that he received a call from the fake officer asking for him to put money on a Target card to avoid being arrested. Party followed the directions but then became suspicious. He came to the station and was advised of the scam and was able to cancel the transaction immediately at our direction. Party followed up with Target and his credit card. Everything okay at this time with no loss.

BOLO given out by East Boston. There was a party that had a firearm. Boston units were following the party and he was headed into Winthrop. Winthrop was given the information. Boston units and Transit stopped the vehicle before they entered Winthrop.

Wednesday, Sept. 25

Units are in the area of Somerset Avenue for an erratic operator going in and out of the lanes. This was called in by an off-duty Malden officer. Units found the vehicle but was unoccupied. Units are unknown which house the party went into. Units could not locate the male party. He will be getting a ticket later on for having no sticker.

Calling party states there is a woman sitting on the sidewalk. Caller stated she turned around and a purse was just sitting there and the woman was not there. She would like an officer to check the area and see if the female is still there. Caller was a passerby. 91 has the purse and it is coming back to a female party that lives on Winthrop Street. 91 and 95 will be checking the house now. Units located the party and she is home and well.

Party on Grovers Avenue states she can hear a male yelling. Received a second call that a male party is yelling outside. He was at the playground and now on Grovers. Sierra 6 requesting a taxi for two passengers to go to Saugus. Winthrop Taxi en route. Parties were picked up by the taxi and unit assisted the owner of the vehicle and put the vehicle into the lot. Units will have the keys at the station.

Report of a large tree truck on the corner of Bowdoin Street making it difficult to take the turn. The truck will be moved.

Party came to the station to report he gave lawful right of possession of one of his motor vehicles a couple of weeks ago and the “friend” hasn’t returned the vehicle and he is unable to get in touch with him. He stated that he has done this several times off and on. He was advised of his rights to pursue a civil complaint for conversion. A voicemail was left for the other party to contact headquarters. The original party came back to report that the car was just dropped off.

Calling party on Golden Drive states that her car was broken into last night. Nothing was taken.

Party came in to report that his motor vehicle was stolen from the area of Golden Drive. This was entered into CJIS/NCIC. Report to follow.

Caller on Shirley Street came in to report of speeding vehicles in the vicinity. He was requesting signage be posted. Party was advised to e-mail the TSAC and the Town Manager.

Report that on the ocean side of Mumford Street, a male party was flying a drone. Two males. Unit clear, parties have been advised and will be clearing the area.

Party on Ocean View Street requesting a well-being check on party. They work together and she hasn’t heard from her since Friday night. Caller stated she called out of work sick on Saturday and she hasn’t answered any of her calls or called her back. The reporter stated she drove by her house earlier today and the lights were off. She went back by tonight and the lights were on. The back door was open. Caller screamed her name a few times and no one answered. She is concerned for her safety at this time because this is not like her. It appears someone is caring for the party’s animals but there is no one in the residence.

Thursday, Sept. 26

Motor vehicle accident at Dunkin’ on Main Street. Minimum damage no need for an accident report. Papers were exchanged.

Well-being check requested for individual on Main Street. He was located and a female party came storming in there erratically screaming and yelling at units due to a discrepancy over court documents of who has guardianship. All parties were advised that the party they did a well-being check on is fine.

Husband called to report that his wife was walking the dog and the dog was attacked by a pit bull. This happened at the end of Bayview Avenue.

Male party on Golden Drive called and reported a past breaking and entering of his vehicle. He stated that some coins and music CDs were taken from the car. Report to follow.

Party stated that a party just walked onto their property on Washington Avenue. Last seen walking down the street towards River Road. The individual walked onto the property and took pictures. Party did not leave when the caller asked him too, but the party has since left. Officer spoke to the calling party and she was upset at the fact that he party walked onto her property and would not leave when she asked. He then started taking pictures and became confrontational. He did end up leaving. The party is known to the officer and he will catch up with him.

Suspicious activity reported on Deer Island. State notified. White male was dropped off in a white motor vehicle.

Report of a black Chevy that backed into home on Circuit Road. Fire en route. G&J has the vehicle.

Party came into the station to report that her vehicle was struck while parked at the high school. She was parked on Cross Street when an unidentified vehicle sideswiped her car causing driver’s side damage to her vehicle.

Party from HRI Hospital would like a well-being on one of her clients on Shore Drive. Party has not showed up to treatment for four days. They have been calling her and no response. No Q5 statements but she has a history of Q5 thoughts. Officer spoke to the party’s husband and she went to PA to stay with family members for a while.

Two car motor vehicle accident with airbag deployment on Pauline Street. G&J was contacted for two tows. Male party is now claiming he is dizzy but does not want EMS. He is calling a friend to take him to the hospital. Units will be giving a female a ride to headquarters while she waits for a family member to pick her up. The male party returned to the station asking for medical. Male party was taken to MGH.

Friday, Sept. 27

Units responded to Revere to assist with tracking a robbery suspect. Unit was cleared as Revere called to say that our services were no longer needed.

Assisted a citizen to her house as she needed to get her AAA card. Her car broke down at the school. 91 dropped her back off at her car.

Report of two neighbors arguing. Male and female. The female went back inside the house.

Calling party on Somerset Avenue states a neighbor stated that someone may be in the house because the dog is out running around. He stated that his dog has jumped through the screen twice and thinks that someone may have been in his house. Caller isn’t home and is afraid that someone broke into his house. Caller is on his way home. It was a misunderstanding as the friend of the homeowner is looking for the dog that got let out by mistake. Neighbor must have seen her and thought she was breaking into the house. Units are going off to try to locate the dog. The dog has been located.

Party came to the station to file report of identity theft.

Calling party stated that his car was broken into on Tuesday. He noticed today that an “inactive” debit card was taken. The party contacted his bank.

Motor vehicle stop at the Winthrop Marketplace. Expired/nonrenewable and 92 states he will try to work with the owner as a small child was in the car. Operator was cited for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and also advised to take care of the unpaid parking ticket immediately.

91 reports a road rage incident that did to go any further than a verbal argument.

Party on Mermaid Avenue states that her neighbor across the street is in the middle of her Pit Bulls fighting. Police was requested. 93 requested medical aid and ACO to be notified. After speaking with ACO the owners were advised to quarantine the dogs for 10 days or bring them to a vet. The female party (owner) of the dog was checked out by Action and declined and further treatment.

Report of four individuals on Emerson Road. Units will ID the parties.

Saturday, Sept. 28

Report of a party passed out in a vehicle at Deer Island. Parties were sleeping after fishing.

Unit off with two parties on Veterans Road. Medical enroute. Party refused medical. 91 giving her a courtesy ride home.

Alpha Charlie 1 stated that on the Sept. 26, an altercation occurred between two dog at Crest Avenue in the parking lot. Both parties are going to work it out amongst themselves.

Assisted fire helping party who is locked out of his apartment on Veterans Road. Fire cleared before 93 arrived.

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries on Main Street. Both parties are alright.

Female on Pleasant Street to attacked by a dog. Black Lab. Victim is at East Boston Health Center. The landlord called this in. ACO will speak to the party.

Male party on Bowdoin and Buchanan Street is reportedly on a bicycle, looking into cars. He went towards Thornton Park. 92 in pursuit of a bicycle by the marketplace. Male party is near the 7-Eleven. Male party has barricaded himself in the garage at Governors Park. Unit 92 believes the male party may have paperwork. Units have the male party isolated in the garage and unknown if he is armed. One in custody for warrants. Sierra 7 requested medical for the detainee. Medical enroute. One in custody for warrant arrest and resisting arrest.

Report of a 20-year old female is lost trying to get home She is at the Public Landing. Unit stated that this was an exchange student who didn’t speak English. she was lost. They got in touch with the family who picked her up.

Sunday, Sept. 29

Caller states that at the corner of Beach Road and Myrtle Avenue a male and female are being loud outside on the second-floor porch. Unit reports he searched the area and spoke to a couple and they will keep it down.

Party at Governors Park states that someone is being loud. Unit reports he spoke to everyone and they will be going to bed for the night and the people who called are happy.

Caller states that the field across from Executive Apartments someone is yelling for help. She doesn’t see him but ca him states. It could possibly be a fight. Unit requesting medical. They are at Cross and Shirley Street. Sierra 4 reports everyone only spoke Spanish and need a Verizon line to help. First male party took a cab back to Lynn. Second male party was dropped off at Winthrop Taxi and will be going to Chelsea. The female party is off to Whidden.

Walk-in to report that two days ago she found a homeless person sleeping on her porch on Orlando Avenue. She would like extra checks of the area. She was advised to call when it happens again.

Caller on Douglas Street report that the front passenger tire was slashed. Her ex-boyfriend had threatened to do it multiple times. They had a fight last night because she broke up with him and found the tire slashed today.  She was advised of her rights.

Report of a verbal dispute with neighbors over money on Golden Drive. It was a civil matter over $50. Both parties were advised of their rights.

Calling party states that she was driving by and saw a male standing on the front porch possibly 94C activity on Beach Road. Units requested medical aid. Party was passed out on the floor and units want him evaluated. Individual was evaluated and checked out by EMS. He was sent back into his apartment. He was very up front and honest. No signs of 94 activity.

Party on Bellevue Avenue came into the station to report that his neighbor is continually hitting his car. 92 and 93 going to keep the peace while both parties try to work it out amongst themselves. Peace was restored between the two neighbors. Both parties are going to work it out on their own.

Calling party on Charles Street states that her neighbor videotaped her 21-year-old daughter today as she and her boyfriend got into his car. The neighbor did this because the car was parked in front of his house. This is an ongoing situation. 91 and 93 did a motor vehicle stop. 91 cleared the stop with a verbal and was enrollee to Charles Street. Another parking issue between neighbors. 91 left his department e-mail with the other party who is not home to help solve the issue.

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