Boncore Alone as Candidate for Council President

It could have been an interesting election Nov. 5 in the race for Town Council president, two veteran councilors running for the same seat. At one point both Phil Boncore and James Letterie were signed up to run for precinct councilor and council president at the same time.

But after long and thorough consideration, Precinct Two Councilor Letterie, the one known for working the numbers, took his name out of contention.

Last Thursday night at the Winthrop Golf Club, with an introduction from Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo,  15-year Councilor-at-Large Phil Boncore announced that he is running for Council President. And he will be unopposed.

Letterie said that he thought about running for Town Council President, but that would have meant not being able to serve his precinct as he has for the last 14 years.

Ballot positions will be drawn today for all races.

“As Council President there are a number of major concerns – the Center Business District and the vacant Middle School building. There is also the concern about climate change and protecting our coastal areas so we don’t lose homes,” Boncore said before this announcement.

His son State Sen. Joe Boncore said his father is willing to work collaboratively on the issues.

“Phil and I go back many a year. When you look at my resume some of the first organizations I was involved with Phil was involved with,” DeLeo joked. “I don’t know of any politicians that hold fundraisers when they’re unopposed.”

DeLeo acknowledged that from Day 1, he and Boncore have supported each other in whatever endeavor one chooses – in or outside of politics.

“We need the type of experience Phil has,” DeLeo said. “And the type of love he has for the community. I think we need to send a message that we need his leadership as the next president of the Winthrop Town Council.”

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