Tenth-Grader Shares Her Love of the Theater

Molly Girard is a 15-year-old with a jam-packed schedule. When she’s not in her sophomore classes, she’s busy taking on a variety of roles with the Winthrop Drama Society, teaching young kids how to dance, and playing lacrosse. She was recently cast as Melanie in the student-directed short play, “Check Please,” and she is playing the role of Liz (Pop), in the drama society’s upcoming production of “Chicago.” Girard witnessed firsthand the feeling of accomplishment due to hard work and collaboration when the drama society was recognized as state champions two years in a row. She spent many years acting in community theater, which has given her the confidence and skills to land top-notch roles in both middle school and high school productions.


What do you love about being cast in “Chicago?”

I love being in the production with an amazing group and feeling a part of something. I love the choreography and music. Being a part of the process from beginning to show time is always exciting. Being on the stage and performing in front of a crowd always feels exhilarating to me and I love portraying the characters in my own way and being able to express myself on the stage. In addition to playing the role of Liz (Pop) in the cell block tango, I am also a featured dancer.


Who inspires you in the world of stage acting?

Andrew Rannells, a Broadway actor famous for “The Book of Mormon,” Sutton Foster who played Fiona in “Shrek on Broadway,” and also Jeremy Jordan who starred as Jack Kelly in “Newsies.” These people have inspired me to pursue theatre.


What is your favorite subject?

My favorite subject is history because I get to learn about our past and how it impacts our society today.


Any plans for your future?

My plan is to go to college, but I’m not sure what I would like to study. I love helping people and have thought about becoming a physician assistant. I am also passionate about theatre. To sing and act on Broadway is a dream. I am lucky that I have some time to decide.

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