Police Blotter 07-26-2018

Monday, July 16

Officer off with disabled motor vehicle at Brookfield and Lincoln Street. A woman and her two children. Vehicle is legally parked and owner is going to make arrangements to have AAA come and pick it up.

Caller reports finding a child’s bike in the area of Veterans Road. He will bring the bike to the station for safe keeping. Bike has been retrieved and will be brought back to the station and logged.

Investigating screaming coming from the middle school area. Nothing showing and spoke to staff and students working on a project there.

A gentleman came to the station to report that someone had tried to scam him out of money. The new scam is a person attempting to purchase items on the Internet yard sales offering a check for more money to hold the item, and then requesting the person cash the check and send the person the difference. The people are not local and residents need to be vigilant for these scams.

Officer attempted to serve paper work from the Registry to subject on Shirley Street. Paperwork was delivered.

Party in an Amazon truck would like to report a road rage incident. He is located on the side of the police station.

Caller stated there is a white VW Passat at the tennis court and has been parked there for about 10 days or more and has not moved. All units tied up. 91 reports vehicle is legally parked in a municipal lot and the owner lives nearby on Bowdoin Street..

Officer attempted to serve warrant to subject on Pleasant Street.

91 reports male party stumbling around the area of Shirley Street. 91 requested medical. 93 on the scene. Units report the subject has been checked out and cleared by medical. Units report male party is homeless and they will be giving him a courtesy ride to the train station. Party will be going to a shelter in Boston.

Caller on Franklin Street states that 94C activity in a dark blue Ford F150. Male and female. Driver is outside the vehicle walking his dog. Older male, white T-shirt, blue jeans walking a yellow Lab. Caller states that she sees them all the time. Units diverted to assist fire with a medical. Units report vehicle left prior to their arrival.

Male carrier reports that he found two out-of-state licenses in the mail box at Governors Park. He will take care of the mail return.

Caller at Governors Park states that her neighbor came to her apartment and yelled at her for tapping on the ceiling with a broomstick because they were being noisy. Caller now feels threatened. Security is mow on the scene.

Party on Revere Street states that she was beating up her boyfriend and she just left the scene in a brown Ford going towards the Heights. Black female in short black dress. Boyfriend left in a dark vehicle. 91 searched the area of Main Street towards the Heights and nothing found. 91 reports he spoke with the caller and no injuries were seen. Both individuals left separately and no crime.


Tuesday, July 17

Caller report there is a man on the beach at the opening of Shore and Cutler. Caller thinks he is unconscious as she watched him for 10 minutes and he has not moved. Officer reports party has been sent on his way. State was canceled.

Assisted fire with motor vehicle fire in parking lot on Revere Street. Units report no motor vehicle fire, no occupants inside vehicle. G&J Towing called and a taxi was called for the driver of the vehicle.

Report of a baby duckling stuck in the sewer on Deer Island walkway near utility shed. This was second call on this issue. Officer stated that he did get in touch with ACO and they will be attempting to contact MWRA. Also notified State Police and they will send a cruiser to check on the duckling.

Party on Main Street reporting old boss is at his house trying to fight him. He will not open the door. Caller reports he did have a gun charge in the past. Officer reports this is a civil matter between two parties. Verbal in nature and officers will be standing by while both parties exchange what needs to be exchanged. All things have been exchanged and both parties are happy with the outcome. They were also advised of their rights.

Suspicious activity on Grovers Avenue. Female sent to Whidden voluntarily via Action EMS.

Caller on Banks Street reports that the street is flooded and with the cars driving by it is pushing water into his house. Party spoke to the chief and the chief stated that they will be out to shut down the street. DPW en route to Banks and Morton streets to block off with saw horses to divert the traffic per Alpha 1. 93 reports DPW on the scene and the water has receded. Emergency vehicles can get by. Services were rendered.

Neighbor on Cottage Park Road noticed that there is a broken window on the first floor. There is glass residue on the floor and the building is not supposed to be occupied.  Two contacts were called listed to this address. First-party phone number is no good and the second phone number left a message. Units report that the window in question is not the second floor due to storm related weather. Units clear rest of the business is secure. Just the needs of the owner to clean up the glass and secure the window. Units report coming off the area. If the building owner is unable to respond, will have to call DPW to have the glass cleaned up.

Caller on Siren Street reports receiving harassing phone calls from a known acquaintance. Units will patrol area during the evening in case the acquaintance comes to the area causing any further problems.

Caller at Pond Street states that at the end of the carport, a dark Jeep or SUV with people sitting inside. Units clear, parties sent on their way.

Report that Franklin Street is flooded and cars keep driving by. 93 requests Charlie 1 to contact DPW as roadway is completely flooded. DPW enroute.

Multiple calls of flooding around town. Circuit Rod, Franklin Street, Washington Avenue. DPW notified. W93 also reporting some residents on Franklin Street without water. Possible water main break. DPW reports no break, but they will check it out as party still has no water.

Caller on Jefferson Street states that multiple calls getting stuck in the water and yelling at each other. Units are clear, nothing showing. The cars and people left prior to their arrival.

Report of a sewer cover off across from Halford Beach. 93 reports locating the manhole at Nahant by Halford Beach. DPW arrived and replaced the manhole cover.

Caller on Shirley Street stated that a sewer cover was lifted and damaged his vehicle. 91 reports the manhole cover is missing and unable to locate it. DPW replaced the manhole cover.


Wednesday, July 18

Female party on Putnam Street reports that her mother attempted to run her over and threw a hot coffee at her. Female party reports that she will leave if her taxi arrives first. States that she has to be at Logan Airport by noon. When female party was called back, she stated that she left and she would come into the station later tonight. Very uncooperative.

An elderly male party on Hale Avenue would like to speak to an officer about an ongoing neighbor problem. Unit spoke to reporter regarding boundaries at residences and made suggestions. Caller was happy and unit cleared.

Party came to the station after being released from medical looking for keys to her home. We have no keys and a check with fire and Action and they do not have any keys. We reached out to the estranged family who will bring a key to the station in a few hours. Housing was contacted and they will assist the resident tomorrow. We will contact the Red Cross for temporary housing. Red Cross called back and they will send a team to assist. Party sent by husband who brought a set of keys to station for resident to enter house to pick up her belongings.

Caller states that her son is being harassed by another child at the park basketball court. Calling party’s sister is on the scene. 93 advised parents of how to go about the situation. Advised both groups of children to stay away from each other. Also will advise SRO about ongoing issue.

DCF came to the station to request an officer stand by while they do a well being check on subject at Governors Park. Units states no answer at residence.

94 assisting fire with a party on Palmyra Street into a uninhabitable house to retrieve some belongings.

Party from Siren Street came into the station to report that another female has been texting her that she was going to beat her up. She also came by her house today and pushed her way into her home when she answered the door. She will be going to the court tomorrow to seek a harassment order. She will call is back if she shows up again.


Thursday, July 19

Caller on Veterans Road states that there is a black male walking around the parking lot acting “suspicious”. Says he keeps going in and out of a white pickup truck with a lot of things in the back. Possibly dong 94C. Officers spoke to the subject who is known to them. Male was looking for scrap metal and his vehicle stalled. He is attempting to get it started. All this checks out.

Motor vehicle parked in handicap spot on Woodside Avenue. Vehicle moved prior to unit’s arrival.

Caller on Walden Street states that a female party with a large dog is throwing trash from her windows of her vehicle. Units responding to Bowdoin Street to speak to the individual. Units report parties got into a fight last night and male party took the keys with him. 93 going off to Bowdoin. 91 going back to motor vehicle and 93 will remain at residence. Units off at Thornton Park attempting to make contact with the individual to move the vehicle. Units will stay in the area.

Female party on Shirley street states that someone stole her bikes. Unit spoke to reporter and she states that her bike was stolen off her porch early this morning. Red Geordano bike approximate cost $500. Report to follow.

Identifying three juveniles doing suspicious activity at cemetery. Units heading to headquarters to contact the parents.

Parks and Recreation director reports vandalism to the tennis courts at Coughlin Park. Units report marking with spray paint to tennis court and basketball court.

Party on Summit Avenue came into the station to request an officer to stand by while she picks up some belongings at her home as she is frightened that her boyfriend might be aggressive towards her when she attempts to leave.

Caller on Shirley Street states that when he came home and window in the house was smashed. Would like an officer to come by. Units report damage to the widow was from the golf course. Homeowner will speak to the golf course about the damage.

Caller state there are four-five kids in the old middle school. 92 confirmed opened window on the first floor. Kids are running out of the building on the right side when they saw the officers were on the scene.

Party on River Road came in to report that Amazon states they had a packaged delivered to him on July 6 which was left at his front door. He never received the package. His front door camera did to show it being delivered. It was either never delivered or was stolen. It contained a dehumidifier worth $250.

Resident’s sister called from Willow Road and stating that her sister called and said someone shot through her window or possibly threw a rock. Unit 94 stated it was a rock that went through the window. He has the time and will do a report.

Caller on Palmyra Street states there is a female party having a fire in the backyard. She is not supposed to be there. The house is uninhabitable. This female party owns the home and was told earlier that she could sleep in the back yard. No dispatch required.

Party states there is man in the bushes at Main and Walden Street. Unsure if the man is sleeping. Unit 93 will be giving the male party a ride to the train station.


Friday, July 20

Report of a male inside a dark SUV screaming on Beacon Street. Unit searched the area to see if he can locate the vehicle. Area search negative.

Report of a white male throwing rocks at windows on Bellevue Avenue. Caller stated that her daughter lives on the second floor. Caller is on the third floor. Units spoke to the male party who stated he was trying to wake up his friend who has an appointment in 45 minutes and is not answering the phone. Male party will be leaving the area.

Attempted to serve summons to subject on Winthrop Street. No serve made as no one was home.

Boston called in a 911 hangup from Trident Avenue. Several call backs made by Boston went unanswered. It was a verbal argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. All parties were advised.

Assist with traffic control for a possible fire in the back of a house at Pleasant Street and Bartlett Road. K9 responding with W94. WFD states it was unfounded. Canceling police. Good intent. Caller states that house has a for sale in front of it and tons of smoke and possible fire coming from the back of the property. Caller also states alarms are sounding. Dispatcher could hear alarms in the background.

Party on Jefferson Street came to the station to report that she discovered her apartment door unlocked. She further states that she has an ongoing issue with her landlord. Nothing is missing or destroyed and no camera or eyewitness account that anyone entered her apartment. Party agreed that documenting her concerns here was best at this time. She was advised of inexpensive surveillance cameras.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that there is someone in the house while it is condemned and no one should be in the house. Unit spoke with the female party. She is not in the house, she will be staying in a tent in the back yard.

Report of a possible fight on the second floor on Shore Drive. Medical requested. One in custody. Arrest was made.


Saturday, July 21

A neighbor is making verbal threats on Sea Foam Avenue. Blaming reporter for breaking a camera. It was a verbal altercation between two neighbors. All parties advised of their rights.

A loud party in the grass area on Shirley Street. Units went around the area twice. Nothing showing.

Units went back to the area and located the group at Coughlin Park. Music was shut off and individual sent on his way.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that all four of her tires were slashed.

Party at Seal Harbor Road reports that a handicap placard was stolen from his motor vehicle. Party called back to state that he found the placard in his driveway.

911 hangup on Woodside Park. Yelling in the background. Heard one female state, “Get out of this house now”. I called back and someone hung up again. It was a verbal argument between parents and daughter.

Loud music reported on Hillside Avenue. Unit spoke to one male party outside with a small boombox. The music was not loud.

Motor vehicle accident hit and run on Main Street. Report to follow.

Male and female possibly dong 94C activity on Franklin Street. Unit spoke with both parties. They are homeless and move to different sites throughout the town.


Sunday, July 22

Caller at the Public Landing reports possible fight there. Verbal between parties and the parties were gone before officer’s arrival.

Caller on Woodside Avenue stated a bunch of kids outside talking loud causing a disturbance. Parties left before officer’s arrival.

Three or four kids hanging out in the park near the tennis court at Governors Park, possibly drunk. There is a vehicle on the scene. Group was two people outside the residence having a smoke.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a group of kids outside being loud causing a disturbance. Possibly drinking. Group of adults. They are heading in for the night. Peace was restored.

Caller wants a well-being check on her daughter whom she believes is in the Governors Park area and may be with a resident there. Checked two addresses and unable to locate the party.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue reports there is loud music. Six men and women out front. Caller called back to state police that the group has moved into the house. Units clear and peace was restored.

Party on Washington Avenue reports there are two males in a dark colored BMW. Units clear, no crime, nothing going on. Two males in a car talking.

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