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New adult summer pick-up street hockey at Ingleside Park in Winthrop. Early Sunday mornings through Sept. 2  Early start: 8 –10 a.m. Maximum three goalies and 16 runners.

All adults 18+ over welcome. Mouth guard, shin pads, eyewear recommended but not necessary. Games and players confirmed on Saturdays. Weather postponements by 7 a.m. Sunday if necessary. The easiest way to register to play is via Simply search Winthrop Summer Hockey, become a Meetup member and sign up each week you want to play until maximum number is reached. Notifications automatically go to all members with game status and updates. For more information contact Bob Snyder at [email protected].



The following work items are ongoing along Winthrop Shore Drive until July 27. You can expect to see these activities continue over the next two weeks.

  • Installation of curb and sidewalk on the residential side:
  • The work will continue to progress to the north.
  • When the concrete is being poured, access to the houses over wet concrete will be limited. Vehicles will not be able to travel over concrete to driveways until the concrete sets. Workers will try to place boards over the wet concrete for pedestrian access.
  • Flyers will be placed in doors as the work approaches to let residents know when the sidewalk work is anticipated at their house.
  • Other work includes grouting of the granite block seawall across from Beach Road.
  • Detours and setups will be in place during working hours.
  • Police will be on site to help manage traffic.

Work hours:

  • 6 – 7 a.m. for setups and detours 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. for construction and
  • 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. for safety breakdown of setups and any patching or a need to make the roadway safe for the travelling public during the down time.

New granite curb has been installed and the gravel base is ready for the new concrete sidewalk to be poured.

New concrete sidewalk

Traffic and Parking restrictions will remain in place as posted to allow for construction activities.

Questions or concerns about the project should be directed to DCR Resident Engineer James Caputo, at the DCR trailer behind the DCR bathhouse on Winthrop Shore Drive, by visit or phone (617-846-1489) during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. In case of an emergency, contact 911 or DCR’s 24/7 emergency hotline at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency at 508-820-1428.



There are so many days of remembrance on the calendar its no wonder many can be forgotten. Our Auxiliary has chosen Purple Heart Day August 7th as our date of remembrance. Each year Auxiliary VFW Post 6712 shall try its best to Honor community recipients on this very day with a simple message of appreciation, a warm meal and a thank you. This by NO means compares to the sacrifices a veteran gives to our country.

The Beachmont Auxiliary/VFW 6712 shall honor local purple heart recipients on Purple Heart Day. We will host an Italian style dinner on Aug. 7   at 6 p.m. Tuesday evening. The Purple Heart recipient and one invited guest are Free. Those who wish to attend please purchase tickets at the VFW at $10 each be sure to write your numbered tickets and your Purple Heart friends name in book for seating arrangements. Community Donations are also welcomed to Sponsor the cost of Purple Heart recipient dinner.

Do you know someone who has a Purple Heart medal?  The Purple Heart medal is awarded to military servicemen wounded while serving our country. Our VFW 6712 and Auxiliary and community recognizes these veterans as United States of America’s greatest Heroes.  If you know of a Purple Heart recipient, please contact the VFW so we can invite them. 781–284–9724.  To Sponsor a Purple Heart recipient payable to Aux/ VFW Post 6712 at 150 Bennington St., Revere, MA. 02151                                                         The VFW and Auxiliary is a nonprofit organization.  Nobody does more for our Veterans.



In response to the possibility of severe weather in your area, the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)® offers the following tips for the effective use of sandbags:


Fill sandbags one-half full.

Use sand if readily available, otherwise, use local soil.

Fold top of sandbag down and rest bag on its folded top.


Take care in stacking sandbags.

Limit placement to three layers, unless stacked up against a building or sandbags are placed in a pyramid.

Tamp each sandbag into place, completing each layer prior to starting the next layer.

Clear a path between buildings for debris flow.

Lay a plastic sheet in between the building and the bags to control the flow and prevent water from seeping into sliding glass doors.


Sandbags will not seal out water.

Sandbags deteriorate when exposed to continued wetting and drying for several months. If bags are placed too early, they may not be effective when needed.

Sandbags are for small water flow protection – up to two feet. Protection from larger flow requires a more permanent flood prevention system.

Wet sandbags are very heavy and caution should be used to avoid injury.

Consult your local environmental protection department before disposing of used sandbags. Sandbags exposed to contaminated floodwaters may pose an environmental hazard and require special handling.

For more information on protecting your home from flood visit

The nonprofit Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) is the country’s leading consumer advocate for strengthening homes and safeguarding families from natural and man-made disasters. The FLASH partnership includes more than 100 innovative and diverse organizations that share a vision of making America a more disaster-resilient nation including: BASF Corporation, FEMA, Florida Division of Emergency Management, The Home Depot, Huber Engineered Woods, International Code Council, National Weather Service, Portland Cement Association, Simpson Strong-Tie, State Farm, and USAA. In 2008, FLASH, and Disney opened the interactive weather experience StormStruck: A Tale of Two Homes, in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Learn more about FLASH and access free consumer resources by visiting, calling toll-free (877) 221- SAFE (7233), following @federalalliance on Twitter,, and the FLASH blog – Protect Your Home in a FLASH.

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