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Street Sweeping, move those cars!

The Town of Winthrop conducts Street Sweeping operations on the last full week of the month (last week with a Friday) from April through October between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the day of a street’s trash collection. If there is a holiday on the week sweeping would normally occur, sweeping is done a week early. Town ordinance prohibits parking in a manner that impedes the street sweeper. Violation of the street sweeping ordinance carries a $40 fine, and your vehicle can be towed. The 2018 street sweeping dates are: July (week of the 23) August (week of the 27) Sept. (week of the 24) October (week of the 22).


Enter THE Town Clerk Annual Report Cover Photo Contest 

Enter a Winthrop photo or a photo of your original artwork with a Winthrop theme to be considered for the cover of the 2018 Town of Winthrop Annual Report. The winning submission will be featured on the cover of the report to be published early this fall. Photos can be of anything and children’s photos and art are also encouraged. This is a beautiful time of year in Winthrop so get out there and take some pictures! A release form is required and attached to this message. Please note that submissions may also be featured on the Town Clerk’s web page! Happy summer!



New adult summer pick-up street hockey at Ingleside Park in Winthrop. Early Sunday mornings through September 2 Early start: 8 – 10 a.m.. Maximum three goalies and 16 runners.
All adults 18+ over welcome. Mouth guard, shin pads, eyewear recommended but not necessary. Games and players confirmed on Saturdays. Weather postponements by 7 a.m. Sunday a.m. if necessary.

The easiest way to register to play is via Simply search Winthrop Summer Hockey, become a Meetup member and sign up each week you want to play until maximum number is reached. Notifications automatically go to all members with game status and updates. For more information contact Bob Snyder at [email protected].


Scam warnings from Winthrop Police

The Winthrop Police Department warn that you are right to be suspicious if you receive a call or email from someone stating they are with a company or with a relative in trouble and ask you to for money via a gift card. 

Legitimate companies will never ask you to pay with a Walmart gift card or any other types of gift cards. There are new scams every year to steal your money and personal information. Crooks may impersonate the IRS, a utility company, a computer company, or a relative in need. Sometimes they even threaten to have you arrested unless you send cash through a prepaid gift card or wire transfer.

They may manipulate the caller ID to look like they’re calling from the IRS, the police department, a utility company, or relative and may already have some information about you – such as the last four digits of your Social Security number or the names of family members.

Never send payment to these callers through a gift card and always confirm who they state they are by hanging up and calling their officially listed phone number. If still in doubt, contact the Winthrop Police Department.


Winthrop healing practitioner named Courage and Conviction Awardee

Winthrop resident Ebony LePenn, a practitioner of Reiki and mindfulness healing for those who have experienced trauma, has been named one of four recipients of Mothers for Justice and Equality’s “Courage and Conviction Award,” an honor given to those whose extraordinary community work has come after standing firm in the presence of pain or tragedy to become positive change agents within their Boston and Greater Boston neighborhoods, organizers said.

LePenn said that when she lost her husband — a man who had been her best friend for 20 years and the father of their two young children and LePenn’s step-daughter — to senseless violence two years ago, she found comfort in participating in a “Mastering Energy Awareness for Self-Healing” workshop featuring sound healing, a relaxing technique that has been used by various cultures for thousands of years that is said to shift the brainwave state through use of sound.

Today, LePenn has created in her husband’s name, The Anthony P. Clay Healing Project. LePenn has conducted holistic healing, sound healing and guided mindfulness workshop for groups of up to 50 people at events for organizations including Peace Institute and We Are Better Together Project, organizations created by Boston mothers who lost sons to gun violence to empower mothers on both sides of gun violence through the peacemaking process. LePenn, who is also a Reiki practitioner and a licensed massage therapist, often conducts the workshops with use of a “singing bowl,” or quartz crystal bowl. She said that goals for her participants range from helping someone relax to providing education about the human energetic field and self-care tools for use in dealing with unresolved traumas — tragedies that may have happened recently or during a participant’s childhood.

“Ebony is an extraordinary example of the untold story of the powerful work that comes from women after losing someone so precious,” said Monalisa Smith, founder and president of Mother’s for Justice and Equality. “MJE is honored to name Ebony a recipient of the 2018 Courage and Conviction Award for her commitment to healing others through her mindfulness work.”

As part of this recognition, LePenn joined three other Courage and Conviction awardees, two Community Excellence awardees and approximately 200 guests aboard the Spirit of Boston on June 9 for dining, dancing and celebration. The event is a catalyst for the annual Mothers Against Violence National Leadership Conference that is held every fall in Boston.

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