Police Blotter 07-12-2018

Saturday, June 30

Calling party stated that a neighbor was having a large pool party. Unit reports it is not at the location party stated but was on Somerset Avenue. Unit reports he spoke with the partygoers and they will end it for the night. They were told of the consequences if they had to return.

Caller on Pleasant Street was in an altercation with another male party in the parking lot. It was a verbal argument. Unit reports a verbal argument only and caller just wanted this on record.

Report of a black knife on Shirley Street. Caller put an orange cone in front of it. Unit reports he has that item and will dispose of it properly.

Caller states there is a dog loose and is with him across from the Elks Club. It is a black dog.

A female walked into the police station to report that her upstairs neighbor was harassing her. The female just wanted this on record for any future happenings.

Multiple motor vehicles were tagged for parking illegally near the Landing.

Multiple cars are parked on Shirley Street making it difficult to get by. This was only parking for a church event only. Seven vehicles will be ticketed.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road states that he just got home and his front door is wide open. Units state clearing the house. Units cleared the house with nothing out of order.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. No injuries.  A Rhode Island plate comes back to a expired camper. 93 was notified that the stated party had an active registration.

Female came in to report finding a phone and credit cards in the street on Woodside Avenue near the CVS. Owner was contacted and will come to the station to pick up her items.


Sunday, July 1

Officer off with a small group at Dawes Playground. Parties were sent on their way.

Caller on Grandview Avenue states there are fishermen outside illegally parked and being loud. States that this happens every night. Officers report the noise level is not excessive, but advised the parties to keep it down regardless.

Officer off with illegally parked motor vehicle blocking the sidewalk on Charles and Moore Street. One party is in custody on an outstanding warrant. 93 transporting him to the station. Other units attempting to locate the owner to move the illegally parked vehicle. Units still on the scene and request Revere PD K9. K9 search negative. Unit will try to make contact to get the vehicle moved. Officer was unable to make contact with the operator and G&J was called to tow. Two cell phones and a wallet were returned to the male party in custody.

Caller on Centre Street reports a loud pool party in the rear. Delayed dispatch due to units tied up on booking and other calls. Officers spoke with the home owner who will be taking it inside for the night.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue reports a loud party on the first floor. Unit spoke with the two parties outside and told them to keep it down.

Caller states that dogs are on the beach at Yirrell Beach and they are not leashed. Unit reports he checked the area with nothing showing. Spoke with a couple of people and no one saw a dog.

Party stated that her and another woman were in a verbal altercation over leash laws at Crest Playground. Reporter states she asked the other party to put her dog on a leash and now the woman is yelling. When a unit arrived nothing was showing.

Unit reports he found the dog on the leash call at Hannaford Park. Unit reports he spoke with the party who stated she never got into a verbal argument. She was advised of the town bylaws.

91 assisted harbormasters with traffic.

Report of a man passed out in a beach chair in the vicinity of Harvard Street. It was called in by a passerby. Male party was fine.

Fire Department on scene at Washington Street and River Road with a medical aid and units assisted with traffic control.


Monday, July 2

Report of loud music playing in Ingleside Park. It cleared out half the park. Officer spoke with the party that had the loud music and he agreed to lower the volume.

Caller on Revere Street states he has two women who are unwanted guests. No other description given. No weapons known at this time.

Sierra 4 states he is at address on Irwin Street advising parties not to return to the Winthrop Marketplace from an earlier call. Both parties attached have been advised not to return to Winthrop Marketplace.

Party came to the station requesting a police escort to pick up his baby from where he believed she was trying. Party stated that he lives in Montana and his baby has been living with his mother, but he wants her back. Party was advised of his rights. A report with more information will be done by the reporting officer.

Caller states that a driver is possibly drunk and swerving in and out of oncoming traffic at Shore Drive and Ocean Avenue.

93 off with two vehicles parked illegally on Pauline Street and one car alarm is going off. 93 states he located the owner of car that the alarm was going off. He addressed the situation and had the vehicle moved. The second car was given a citation for being illegally parked. 93 also noted parking situation has changed outside of Cervizzi Martial Arts due to children out front playing.


Tuesday, July 3

ACO removed a dead possum from Crest Avenue.

Caller states there is a double tractor trailer blocking access to Court Road. Caller stated that traffic is backed up. 93 drove the length of Court Road and nothing was showing.

Party on Washington Avenue stats there is a bunch of mylar balloons that appear to have gotten loose and are abutting a cable wire. Caller states that she works at a balloon store and they could wrap around the cable wire and cause a problem. Balloons are on a phone line attached to the Elks. Balloons appear not to be causing a hazard.

Report of suspicious activity on Hermon Street. Caller knows people have been working there but she is unsure. She also witnessed him urinate outside. Officers spoke with the individual and the parties work for a company that is renovating the building.

Party on Temple Avenue wants to make a report that items are bing stolen from her fridge. She would like to speak to an officer. 91 spoke with the caller who states that when she went to bed there was a full gallon of milk and when she woke up today, there was only a half-gallon of milk left.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states that she was physically assaulted by her neighbor who lives on the first floor. Weapons unknown at this time. Neighbor is possibly drunk. Units off speaking to both parties. Report to follow.

Unit off with a parked car in a handicap spot with not plaque on Terrace Avenue. Will knock on the door to have vehicle moved.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that there is a dog in a car unattended. Unit located the party and she thought it was cool enough to leave the dog in the vehicle. Officers told her otherwise and she attended to the dog.

92 witnessed someone to put out chairs on Shirley Avenue to save parking spots and they are removing them. He removed several homemade no parking signs, cones and chairs.

Report of someone lighting off fireworks on Lincoln Street. Area is quiet and officers spoke to residents on the street and they reported they heard nothing.

Fireworks on Yirrell Beach. Uint spoke to party and explained the fireworks law. They were very cooperative and are going to stop.

Off on Temple Avenue ext. with a couple of parties. They are now clearing the area and are now walking toward the beach area to speak with another group near the green rails. The parties were sent on their way.

Report of fireworks going off on Otis Street. Nothing showing and the area is quiet along with surrounding areas.

Report of kids setting off fireworks on Pleasant Street. Officer spoke to people at the yacht club and they heard nothing.

Party with a bunch of kids being loud and disturbing called in by Sgt. Hickey on Terrace Avenue. 91 reports that there is a very large group of people. Units arrived and here were two parties going on. Both parties were shut down for the night. Homeowners have been advised. Parties were very cooperative except for a few that rand down the beach. 93 moved all parties off of Yirrell Beach and units investigated a possible bonfire on the beach. Peace was finally restored.

Units off with a group that is having a fire on the beach off of Otis Street. Parties at the fire are not putting out the fire. They left for the night and peace was restored.


Wednesday, July 4

Caller on Shirley Street reports that she heard someone yelling “Edward”. She believes the party needs help. Units located the party and it was just a female looking for her boyfriend. They have met up and are on their way.

Report of a needle in the vicinity of Sunset Road. The syringe was disposed of properly.

Caller on Banks Street states that a stray dog is trying to attack her. It is a big brown dog. She was able to pass the dog and then go home. Unit checked out on Morton Street to see if the dog resides there. The dog had left the area with nothing showing.

Multiple parking violations at Yirrell Beach. Multiple vehicles moved.

Party on Locust Street states that there is a car blocking a ramp for the elderly. The vehicle in question is legally parked with a handicap sticker displayed.

Units responded to the area of Bayview Avenue to clear out a group of people. Units talked to multiple groups at the beach. All parties were cooperative and were advised of the alcohol laws on the beach.

Caller on Shirley Street states that his neighbor on the first floor ripped his camera off of his back porch and put it on the hood of his car. When he went to retrieve his camera, his neighbor was out front and chest pumped him and spat in his face. 91 and 92 were dispatched. It was a neighbor dispute. There was damage involved. Report to follow.

WFD states that the backhoe on Shore Drive keeps lowering and it is unmanned. Possible hydraulic issue. May be dangerous for people going/driving by. State Police have been notified and a message was left on voicemail for the construction company (MDR) that is doing the work. MDR contacted Winthrop HQ that they respond in 45 minutes to an hour to fix the problem.

Unit requested a tow for a vehicle blocking a hydrant at Shore Drive and Wave Way Avenue. G&J also on the scene. Owner of the vehicle arrive on the scene and is settling with G&J. A ticket was issued.

Unit called for parties fighting on Beacon Street. The group has been disbursed and all parties advised of their rights. No party would like to press charges at this time.

Caller on Billows Avenue states that a white male pulled out his genitals and peed in front of reporter on his property while making threats. He is no longer on the scene. BOLO given out to all units.

Caller at a Main Street gas station stating that firecrackers are too close and he is worried. Unit talked to the party and they are stopping for the night.

Report of loud fireworks on Lincoln and Walden Street.

Caller reports people are parking on the grass in the Lewis Lake area and there are small children everywhere. Call delayed due to higher priority calls. There is heavy traffic in the area and people and vehicles are clearing out.

B4 has a party in hand on Shirley Street. It was a juvenile arrest for possession of alcohol.

Walk-in to report that there are fireworks landing on the hood of his car on Undine Avenue.  Units checked the area and no damage noticed and no fireworks in the area.

Caller on Veterans Road reports that there is an unwanted male on his front porch. Party was gone prior to unit’s arrival. Grandmother was fine with the party being there.

Caller on Shirley Street states that a male is being disorderly, wearing green shorts. No weapons at this time. Peace was restored.

Motor vehicle accident on Peasant Street. No injuries. Very minor accident. Unit is helping parties exchange papers. No signs of an accident and both parties agree that there is no damage.

Party on Shirley Street asked officers to assist in removing party guest from house. Units reports there are roughly 100 people there. The member from the party has been dispersed.

Report of 10 teenage kids fighting each other on Undine Avenue. Group left before unit’s arrival. Nothing showing now.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states that there is male in the street yelling with threats to the neighbors stating he is going to kill people. Units checked the area and the center area and no signs of that male party.


Thursday, July 5

Unit off with three parties on Shore Drive. Units clear and parties were advised.

Caller at Governors Park reports that his door was cracked open and his house has been turned upside down. Caller is missing all his money. Officer did a preliminary check of the area and a report will follow.

Report that there are a lot of kids drinking and being loud on Court Road. Resident was advised to bring it in for the night.

Unit off with male party on Shore Drive. Party was lighting sparklers and he left the area.

Unit off with a few parties that look like they may be cleaning the area of Beacon Circle. Parties were cleaning up and packing up for the night.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that there are people being loud by the boats in the marina. The parties are going in for the night.

A mother came to the station to pick up her daughter’s wallet that had been turned in to the station. Wallet with money and personal papers given to the mother.

A party came to the station with coffee and donuts to thank officers and firefighters for their assistance in June. Fire headquarters were notified of the resident’s appreciation and informed of the treats at the station for them as well.

DCF states that they reports of a mom under the influence with a 1 year old in the home on Irwin Street. DCF would like a well-being check on the child and mom. 91 request ALC-1 to respond to this call as well. Sierra 4 request fire to respond to this location for a forced entry. WFD and EMS on the scene preparing to make entry. Sierra 4 also spoke to DCF and after speaking to them, a forced entry was needed. Fire gained entry through a window, no damage. Neither party is in the unit. Sierra 4 reports they will be taking pictures for inspectional services. 91 reports DCF will follow up with this call.Also stated that DCF would like officers to go by the house during the shift to see if they come across the involved party to do a well-being check on her. 91 will also notify Charlie 1.

Falmouth PD want to be contacted by party on Banks Street regarding a hit and run yesterday. The vehicle is not there and no answer at the door.

Caller reports a woman with a dog is walking down Pond Street looking into people’s cars. 93 spoke to the party in question and she is known to 93. Party is just looking at cars as she walks by.


Friday, July 6

Report of a disturbance with a contractor over money on Shore Drive. It is a civil issue and peace was restored.

Report of a baby seal that needs help on Pleasant Park Road. The aquarium was contacted and station is waiting for a call back.

Caller reports that vehicles are not stopping at the stop sign on the corner of Wheelock and Pauline Street. Units have been advised. Caller also expressed concern over a defect on the handicap ramp at the corner of Main and Winthrop Streets. DPW was notified.

Caller on Prospect Avenue states that she was taking her children out of her vehicle and a neighbor drove up the wrong way. Reporter is concerned that her family is at risk because multiple neighbors drive up the one way. 91 will speak to parties.

Party on Woodside Avenue states that her sister with an altered mental status needs a well-being check on her. Units request fire and EMS for the female. Female was taken to MGH via Action EMS. Sister was updated and referred to services.

Report of a white male coming from Bowdoin and going onto Wadsworth Street with a grey pitiful. The dogs keeps getting away because owner looks drunk and keeps falling. Dog is on a leash. Party was located at Wadsworth and unit will make sure the male gets home and is with relatives. Clear, the male is home and relatives are in the house. Dog is also in the house. Services were rendered.

Caller states she is a passerby and has seen a dog fight in the lot of the Winthrop Yacht Club and is requesting police. No one is injured and dog descriptions are unknown. Unit spoke to a couple of people who stated that there was no argument between two dogs and the owners. Nothing showing.

Report of loud banging and loud music on Jefferson Street. Units clear, no music from the unit. Caller was adamant that there was loud music. No answer. If calls persist then will file for keeper of a disorderly house.


Saturday, July 7

Report of a black sedan at Governors Park with possible 94c activity. Units reports speaking with the parties. They just moved in the area and are smoking cigarettes. No 94c. Clear.

Off with a group of youths at Yirrell Beach. They sent the parties out of the area.

Caller on Grovers Avenue was scammed out of $4,000. He would like to see an officer to file a report. Report to follow.

Suspicious activity reported on Lincoln Street. Vehicle has been parked with the door open for quite some time. Male was just taking a nap. Vehicle was on private property. No violations observed at this time.

Report of a sewer cover in the middle of Revere Street. Manhole cover was put back and placed properly. All secure.

Calling party on Buchanan Street reports a “loose” manhole cover in front of her house. Officer will place cones there for now for safety and WPD will notify the DPW to fix.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states a loud party with a DJ and speakers. A3 reports he spoke to the partygoers earlier and they stated they were going to wrap it up at 9 p.m. Units will remind the parties of the time. Music was turned off and peace was restored.

Caller at George and Bowdoin Street reports a large black dog is loose in the area and he thinks it may be lost. Units located the animal and were able to reunite it with its owner.


Sunday, July 8

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her ex-husband is trying to sleep in the hallway. Male party left the area and may have gone to the area of Revere and Governors Park. Units will check sine the party may be very intoxicated.

93 reports two dogs fighting at public landing.

Party on Veterans Road reports there is a male sleeping on the grass next to the playground with a bottle of pills and nips next to him. Unsure if he is okay. 34-year-old male having problems at home and he is fine, just enjoying the day and clearing his head.

Caller on River Road reports a white male walking back and forth doing possible 94C. Nothing showing at this time.

Party on Pond Street states there is loud music originating from the park with possible 94C activity. Unit checked the parking lot of the playground and Seal Harbor with nothing showing.

Passerby called in to report a male stumbling into the roadway on Main Street. He was transported to BMC.

Caller at the Public Landing reports there is man stumbling into the roadway heading towards the Point. The party is worried about his safety. Officers off with two parties. One male party has one active in WMS. 92 requests a taxi for one of the males to Chelsea.93 transporting other male party for booking.

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