Global Energy in the Heart of Winthrop Center

Small and medium-sized businesses in Winthrop may benefit from a service that will provide value and cost efficiency when it comes to electricity, natural gas and renewable energy. Joe Gugino, business development manager for Global Energy, presented these options at an open house held last week at Inc.Ubate co-working space.

“Similar to an independent insurance agent, we help you understand your options and let you choose a service that caters to your specific company,” said Gugino, who moved to Winthrop from Salem last summer. “We provide a no-obligation audit, where we will take a look at your current energy usage and strategy and work toward getting you the most for your money.”

Gugino runs his operation right in the heart of Winthrop Center, offering convenience to those in the business community who are interested in gaining more knowledge about energy purchasing. The new-to-Winthrop business is a member of the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce.

“We bring our expertise to the local area and make it accessible and reduce expenses,” said John Kim, president of Global Energy. “ We want to make energy purchasing quick and easy for the customer and keep businesses from making a mistake that they would regret. These options could potentially help their business in the long run.”

“I worked for a supplier for many years, and now working as an energy consultant, I am seeing it is the way to go for a customer because they are getting a transparent, unbiased opinion,” said Stephen Pogodzienski, Global Energy senior business development manager.

Gugino has made it his mission to bring this cost efficiency to the town of Winthrop, and he has already obtained positive feedback. So far, St. John’s the Evangelist Church has been on the receiving end of the cost savings, and other businesses are in the process of committing to the many energy options.

For more information please contact Joe Gugino at: 617-477-0637 or [email protected]

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