Police Blotter 11-02-2017

Monday, Oct. 23

Reporting party states there are several cars parked in the vicinity of Circuit and Emerson roads without sticker. Most have been there for several days. Five cars parked on the street. Only one without a sticker. Parking is only prohibited between the hours of 1 a.m. – 5 a.m.

Report of graffiti on the wall at Beacon Circle. Only notable vandalism is a faded phrase.

Party on Thornton Street states that the house next door is being renovated, and the dumpster that arrived knocked down a retaining wall. Party also stated that they also leave their truck running and the exhaust comes into her house. She has COPD. When asked if she needed medical assistance she refused, but would like an officer to come so she can file a report. No one was on the scene at the time, so police spoke with the calling party, and she was advised to call back when the crew is back.

Report of a car stolen out of Governors Park. Motor vehicle was not stolen; it was repossessed from the owner by the bank.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports that her car got broken into sometime last night.

Walk-in from Ocean Avenue to report a civil matter between her and her sister-in-law who live together.

Report of a black male on Shore Drive with clipboard that says National Grid. The party works for SFE Energy. They will get a permit to work door to door in Winthrop.

Female party on Johnson Avenue walked in to report that her property was vandalized.

Caller working construction at the football stadium left his black lunch bag with his wallet in it behind one of the Gilbane trailers. 989 reports he has picked up the worker’s property and brought it to the station. We called the worker who stated he will be by to pick it up tomorrow morning.

Party came to the station to report that he is being harassed by a former employee that he fired.

Party came to the station to report receiving two telephone calls from a local party with a male-sounding voice. The caller accused her of hitting his car and tried to get her information. We called to speak with someone at the number she gave us and left a message. It was explained to the reporting party about spoofing of numbers, etc. and believe that is what occurred.

Assisted fire with a female party on Pearl Avenue. Female making Q5 statements. 92 responding with W93. 93 states female party transported to Whidden.

Report of an erratic deriver at Loring and Court roads. 92 states he spoke with the deriver who stated he was reaching for his phone.

Assisted fire with a forced entry on Golden Drive. Officers also assisted with the occupant. No transport.

Caller reports people upstairs are making noise and the kids are running around. this happened on Shirley Street. Officer reports the kids got excited when the grandmother came over. They are now in bed, and peace was restored.

Group of people at the top level of parking garage on Pond Street. Officers spoke to the group who are from out of town and advised them to keep away from the area.


Tuesday, Oct. 24

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation given for red light violation.

Party on Pleasant Street states a neighbor called to tell him people were climbing through a window. Reporting party states the first floor is empty. Everything is locked up according to the reporting party. He was advised that there was a squatter living there last week with a gun. We contacted calling party who lives nearby and stated he will meet police and give them more information. It was a tall, Hispanic male but not the same individual with the firearm. 94 reports the home is now secure.

Party on Fremont Street states there is a child’s pink bike on her property. She is concerned it could have been stolen and left there. 94 reports he has the bike and will bring it to headquarters.

Assisted fire with a lockout on Sea Foam Avenue. WFD made entry.

94 attempted to serve a summons on Hale Avenue. Person was not home.

Assisted Falcon Ambulance in serving a section notice on Beacon Street. Patient is outside with someone from the state, but wants police there before the ambulance arrives. They think the patient will run as soon as he sees the ambulance. Officers have been dispatched. Patient is in the ambulance and enroute to MGH.

Party came to the station to report receiving a call from a ale with an accent who stated they were from the IRS and she owed back-taxes. Caller instructed the party to go to several locations to obtain money cars to give to the caller.

Caller on Charles Street can hear someone yelling “stop”! “no”! Caller believes it could be in the park a few streets away. Sgt. Hickey went to check out the area. Checked the area and surrounding areas. All quiet. It is in the vicinity of a domestic incident that is happening at this time.

Male party involved in a hit and run at Short Beach. Unknown make or model of other vehicle. Car is pulled over close to the fork in the road. Party was waiting for a tow. Unit stood by until the tow arrived.


Wednesday, Oct. 25

Motor vehicle stop for red-light violation on Revere Street. Unit stated the male driver was borrowing his friend’s car for a joy ride.

Units off with an erratic driver on Thornton Street. Unit stated the male party is parked in his driveway being cooperative. He was just coming home from the airport from work.

Female party reports she is getting harassing phone calls and text messages, as well since June. She is getting them at her employment, also. Officer advised the reporting party to call her employer for an investigation. She just wanted this on record at the station because she lives in this town. Reporting party believes the harassing calls and texts are coming from her supervisor.

Caller states there is a burglar alarm going off for several hours on Plummer Avenue. Unit stated it is a CO2 alarm not a burglar alarm.  Unit stated the CO2 detector was unplugged; party does not need the fire department at this moment. Unit also stated they were able to talk to the tenants that live on the first floor. The CO2 detector stopped beeping and units advised the landlord of what was going on.

Caller at Governors Park state that her neighbor is banging on the ceiling and being loud on purpose. Caller states this is an ongoing issue and that she has a court order against this person. Unit checked out the court order paperwork and advised the reporting party on what they can not do. Unit also went down to the other party involved who were making the noise and she was understanding.

Motor vehicle stop on Lewis Terrace. Driver was driving with revoked license. G&J towed the car.

Calling party on Pleasant Street stated that his neighbor called him to say there is someone in his first-floor apartment that is locked up. There is a black SUV in the driveway. Calling party is at work. Delta 5 responded with W92 and W93. First thought to have been a known subject with a firearm. Subject was not that person, as the motor vehicle was not his. Landlord was called and gave his permission for former tenant to retrieve his property.

Party on Pearl Avenue states that her registration was stolen. Social worker accidentally parked her car in the wrong driveway, came out and a white woman was yelling at her and allegedly took her registration. 93 found out where she lived, but she was not at home. Will try again tomorrow.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that he watched a stolen car drive away. Last seen on Bartlett Road. Calling party’s son followed the subject and units made contact with the subject who stole the car. He was brought to the police station. No apparent damage to the vehicle, but will let owner look it over. Owner picked up the vehicle. Subject out of Quincy was arrested for four outstanding warrants and larceny of a motor vehicle.

Party came to the station to report his extra military gear that he had stored in a storage facility in Texas has been stolen. Party received a report that his storage locker had been broken into. There are 28 items missing, amounting to a value of $1,031. Reporting party tried to repot this to his military unit in Texas, but was told that it would have to be done in person. He was then advised to report this matter to his local police.

Uber driver came to report a matter on Lincoln Street. Delta 5 reports individual was pickup with a  child who cried all the way from East Boston to Winthrop. Wanted his mother. Mom was home to verify that this was her daughter. All is well.

Possible 94C on North Avenue.

Mother-son domestic on Walden Street. She wants her 21-year-old son removed. Unit stated they spoke with the mom and the male party left the home prior to units arrival. Mom was advised to call WPD if he returned.


Thursday, Oct. 26

Reporting party came to the station to report that an 18-wheeler almost ran him off the road. This happened in the area of Moore and Shirley Street. Reporting party yelled for the driver to slow down and states that the driver told him no. So noted at the request of the reporting party. No further information provided.

Caller from Cottage Avenue who is from Brazil stated that she lost her purse which had all her identification in it. She believes the last time she had it was on the bus going home.

Party on Cliff Avenue reported that an individual became threatening and confrontational on the local Web page. The caller wanted this noted in case there were any further problems with this individual.

An Audi was pulled over with two male occupants at Bayview and Grandview avenues. 93 states there is some type of contraption spinning on the roof of the vehicle. plate on front of vehicle is a German plate that was reported stolen out of Dedham. All of the gadgets and sensors on the vehicle are due to testing “Cars of the Future.” Pictures of the vehicle and international licenses were taken. Report to follow.

Party on Douglas Street reports ongoing harassment.

Female party soliciting for electric at Governors Park. She won’t leave and reporting party is requesting police. Officers were off on another call. Reporting party, when called back, reported that she no longer needs the police, but if they come back she will call us. the area is now quiet.

Male party on Locust Street called stating he got a text from his daughter, stating there is a man in the house with a backpack going through mommy’s room. The calling party states it is his ex-wife’s house and he says her and his two daughters should be in the house. He stated that his daughter said she was in her room and the man was breaking in. Reporting party was calling from work. Child did not recognize the male party. It was the mother’s boyfriend.

Police assisted WFD with female with mental altered status on Revere Street. Spoke with all parties involved and they will follow up with own physician. No action required.


Friday, Oct. 27

Calling party on Walden Street states loud music. Units spoke with the reporting party. This is an ongoing issue between tenants. He was advised to contact the building management in regards to the situation.

Female party on Putnam Place would like to speak with an officer about an ongoing parking issue that they are having on that street. Complaint is in regards to street sweeping. 93 will advise DPW of issue.

A 3-month-old locked inside a motor vehicle on Main Street. WFD sent. They were able to get the infant out of the vehicle.

Calling party on Washington avenue states that in the parking lot of Thomson Liquors in the back, is a town truck that has been parked running with no one in it for two hours. No one is around that they can see. The calling party is concerned. DPW was contacted and advised that the vehicle was shut off and secured. The station will have the key.

Party on Golden Drive states he talked to her friend about five minutes ago. She said that she lives with her daughter. She also said that she was “going crazy” in the apartment. Calling party is concerned for her friend’s safety. Both mother and daughter should be in the apartment. Both parties are doing fine. They had just received some upsetting news.

Caller on River Road reports a house that is bank-owned and that there has not been anyone there for two days. Caller states a week ago someone was there doing work but no one since and the door was locked, but now the front door is open and no one is there. He states that his wife told him last night she thought she hear someone in there. The residence was checked all over and is empty. They found the key and secured it back in the lockbox and secured the residence best they could.


Saturday, Oct. 28

Third-party caller stated that her sister on Golden Drive is verbally arguing with their mother. She wants the mother out of the house because she keeps bothering her and instigating and the mother does not want to leave. Unit stated there wasn’t a disturbance. It was over a family member who lost their job. Peace was restored.

Calling party on Cross Street stated that his neighbor has a bunch of kids playing music and being loud outside.

Off with a female party on Shore Drive. Clear, report to follow.

Police helped with medical aid on Main Street. Female party being transported to MGH.

Daughter called to do a well-being check on the mom on Johnson Avenue. She has issues as well. Daughter has not heard from her since August. Daughter has been trying to reach her over the past couple of weeks and she has not responded. The phone has been going to voice mail. She just found out from a family member that the mom’s car was impounded. The family member has not spoken to her either. We were unable to locate the subject and a new family is living there. Reports that all prior tenants were evicted in July. Unit stated he spoke with a past landlord and he stated subject told him she had to leave the state about a month ago and has not heard from her since then.

Report of a  10 year old girl asking questions to people in the park on Veterans Road. Father was watching her and he took the girl home.

Three people on the jetty on Shore Drive. 91 and 92 report nothing showing on the jetty. No movement. Fire notified and enroute. 92 reports movement on the middle  breaker. Harbormaster notified that two people were stranded on the breakers. They were not in danger. Subjects were located and harbormaster has them on board.

Party on Jefferson Street came into the station concerned for her son who is highly intoxicated and she feels as though he may harm himself. He has a history of violence. One subject in custody with two outstanding warrants.

Party on River Road stated she was going to wait for police to check the area for her ex-husband whom she has a trespass order against. Female party is in her house and units clear.

Assisted fire with unconscious elderly female on Washington Avenue. 73-year-old female to MGH.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports that the house next door is abandoned. She said the back door is open and the lights are on. Unit reports he is speaking with the calling party and she is speaking with the owner of the home. Unit stated that the home seems to be secure.

Suspicious activity on Seal Harbor Road. Possible drug activity. Unit searched the area, nothing showing.

Well being check per the OIC on River Road. Unit stated that everything is fine.


Sunday, Oct. 29

Two young females sleeping in the park on Beacon Street. They woke up and are on the swing sets. The two females walked toward Shirley Street. Units will search the area. Unit did not fine anyone fitting the description. He will stay in the area.

Light-blue Toyota Camry older model, no resident sticker on Tileston Road. Calling party states that the plate is expired. It has been there for four days. Vehicle is expired. Officers will request a tow and G&J till respond.

Caller reports a vehicle struck a tree on Pleasant Street but took off. However there is debris left behind. Officer will move the debris to the side of the road and notify DPW to pick it up on Monday. The tree is a deep gouge in it. Officer will check the area for the vehicle which could not have made it very far due to the peices to tire thrown about the area. Possibly a pickup Officers could not locate the vehicle. It is possible that the accident occurred overnight, and no one called it in. Office located the vehicle at a local body shop and went by to speak to the registered owner. The new information will be included in the report.

Party on Quincy Avenue came into the station to repot that he has contacted Verizon in regards to their utility pole and guide wire on his property creating damage to his trees. He starts that his fence was damaged last year. He further state that with the predicted inclement weather including heavy rain and high winds, he fears that a greater amount of damage is inevitable if this issue is not mediated and the property made safe. He has retained counsel and called Verizon many times. Verizon has ignored his concerns.

Two cars without HP plates are parked in the Elks parking lot. Officer located the owners who just forgot to put their placards on the windshield.

Calling party on Pond Street states that subject is threatening him and said he is going to stab himself. 92 will respond. 91 and 92 are on the scene. 92 requested medical aid for an evaluation. Subject transported voluntarily to Whidden. Homeowner was advised of his rights, and unwanted party was advised not to return.

Multiple calls for an either drunk or high male in his 20s on Pleasant Street. Cannot open his eyes and is stumbling and walking into things. Last  seen near the funereal homes on Winthrop Street. Unit requesting medical. Fire also notified. Officers spoke with the subject, and he refused medical.

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