Police Blotter 10-19-2017

Tuesday, October 10

Reporting party on Summit Avenue is concerned about his daughter’s well being as she is not answering her cell phone. The female party overslept and made contact with her father.

Party on Ocean Avenue reports fishing rods stolen from his truck.

Female party came to the station to report that a motor vehicle traveling in the opposite direction on Hermon Street sideswiped her vehicle. The drivers side mirror was damaged and the other vehicle continued and did not stop.

A motor vehicle stop on Golden Drive and Revere Street. Red light violation and a citation was issued.

White male, 20 years old, short brown hair, black shorts, white stripe and black sleeveless tank top, was seen looking in every motor vehicle on Sturgis Street. He was headed towards Shirley Street. Area searched, and nothing found.

Report of people arguing in the yard on Shirley Street.

A car was parked in the handicap spot at Winthrop Marketplace. The car in the spot had a placard.

Reporting son from Maine is concerned about his father because Meals on Wheels went to Putnam Street to deliver, and there was no answer at the door. He last spoke to him three weeks ago, and is concerned about his well being. Fire responded to assist, and no one was inside.

Walk-in from Grovers Avenue to report that someone went through his unlocked vehicle overnight.

Caller on Highland Avenue reports that someone threw something into the car and broke the windows. It seems like it could have been that a rock hit the window and shattered it. The vehicle was taken to an auto-glass place to be repaired.

Xfinity worker and tenant arguing in the rear of Governors Park. Tenant thought Xfinity’s truck hit his car. It was a misunderstanding, and peace has been restored.

Party states he found a safe on the ground that is unopened at Beacon Circle and Faun Bar Avenue. The safe was empty.

Kids in the basketball courts at Governors Park setting off fireworks. Unit made contact with two individuals that live in the building who admitted to lighting off some small fireworks. They have stopped for the evening and were also advised of the law.

Report that people are cutting sheet metal outside on Veterans Road and disturbing the pace. No one in the area cutting sheet metal.


Wednesday, October 11

Motor vehicle stop at Washington and Veterans Road. Citation issued.

General parking complaint on Bates Avenue. Motor vehicle vin number not coming back to vehicle. Ticket for resident parking and the vehicle was towed by G&J. The plates were not matching either.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Citation issued.

On Oct. 11, party came to the police station to report that her pocketbook was stolen from her vehicle while parked outside of her husband’s place of employment. While the theft occurred in Cambridge, the party is a Winthrop resident and requests a journal entry to provide a call number to her bank. The party was advised to cancel any open credit accounts.

Party found credit cards at Bank of America. It was dropped off at the station.

Calling party on Pico Avenue stated that workers working on his neighbor’s house are being disrespectful and keep going on the calling party’s property while he is trying to do work on his own. They are starting to get verbal with each other. It is a civil matter.

Male came to the station to report possible fraudulent activity and possible identity theft. Party reported having many difficulties with all technical devices including a personal cell phone. He reported it to the banks, subscribers and all credit card companies. He also set protective measures to prevent any future activity. He was advised of his rights. The party believes he knows who the suspect could be. He was also advised that we would conduct an investigation.

A student turned in a cell phone he found on Shore Drive beach. A black Samsung GalaxySB plus.

Officer dropped off  set of keys to Governors Park management that were dropped off at the station.

Calling party on Bowdoin Street states that friends cannot get in touch with their friend, and it is unusual. They have tried all day. Their friend is an 82-year-old elderly female. Unit spoke with the subject and she was at the doctors all day and she did speak with the party that called regarding her well being.

Caller on Russell Street reporting a white male, shaved head, on a bike looking into people’s windows. Search for the individual is negative. Calling party will call back if she sees him in the area.

Caller on Cutler Street reporting that a car parked in the handicapped spot since last night. It does not have a placard. A citation was issued.

Party from Enfield Road came in to the station to report that his vehicle was broken into, and his wallet containing several credit and debit cards, as well as his driver’s license was stolen. The cards were used today, and he has already met with bank officials. The reporting party stated that his debit card was used a few places in East Boston. The party was instructed to also follow up with Boston Police for the crimes that happened in their city, as well for jurisdiction purposes.

Female on Nevada Street came home to find that her window was broken and her apartment broken into. WFD was out to this address earlier for an  alarm sounding. They had to do a forced entry. The house was not broken  into.

Call received from the Whidden Hospital to report of a patient there being treated after being attacked on Shore Drive by a dog running loose. ACO notified. ACO reported that this call should be directed to MSP Revere. He will call the victim to check on her and direct her to the proper protocol.

Walk-in to report of attempted cyber-fraud to gain access to subject’s finances.

Officer with a motor vehicle that has slashed tires and broken windows on Kennedy Road. Previous calls show that the vehicle was placed on the 72-hour list. G&J requested and will respond. Citation issued for abandoned motor vehicle, which was towed.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Summit Avenues. Multiple occupants in the vehicle. Other units responding to assist. A citation was issued for red-light violation.

Reporting party states there is an elderly female looking in the sewer at Johnson and Somerset Avenue. She seems confused and is half-dressed. A well-being check is being requested. Off-Duty detective located the female and brought her home. She suffers from dementia.


Thursday, October 12

93 off with motor vehicle at Hannaford Park. Officer spoke to subjects and sent them on their way.

Motor vehicle stop on Crest Avenue. Verbal warning for red light violation.

Directed patrol on Shirley Street. Officer reports there are no sightings of the reported “lollylaggers” in the area.

Officer pulled over on Winthrop Street to speak with the subject from the earlier call. Police gave the male party a courtesy ride home.

Detectives off executing an arrest warrant on Trident Avenue.

Assisted fire with possible fire in basement on Shore Drive.

Party on Shirley Street walked in to the station and reported to an officer that a suspicious vehicle was parked in front of her home. She also stated that other vehicles have been parking in front of her home or near by that also seem suspicious. She stated that if the vehicle is there when she gets back home, she will call us and we will send an officer down. Party called back to state that the vehicle had left but she will be calling back if she sees the vehicle in the future.

Warrant service on Shirley Street. One in custody for active warrant.

Motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Car possibly into a home. The vehicle hit the curb, and no damage was done to private property.

Assisted WFD with possible fire on Shirley Street. 93 pulling victims out of the house. Shirley and Moore Streets will be closed. Delta 6 off to assist. A dog was trapped on the porch. ACO en route. Senior Center  bus took one tenant evacuated to another location. That evacuee had a son with her who was also taken to another location. The dog is now secure.

Assisted fire with medical aid on Main Street. Female party refused medical. S4 gave female courtesy ride.

Mother came into the station to report that her adult son is missing. She states that she has not seen him since Sept. 24. Information placed into CJIS, LEAPS and NCIC.

Suspicious activity reported on Court Road. S4 checked for black pickup truck and no signs at this time.

Manager of bank on Putnam Street called in stating an aggressive person inside the bank. 92 states female party left on foot. Sierra 4 off with party at Bartlett and Pleasant Streets and requested medical. Female was transported to Everett CHA. Father was on the scene to give Action Ambulance all her information. S4 went back to the bank to get more information.

Report of a hit and run to vehicle on Centre Street. Owner of the vehicle was advised to contact their insurance company.

Calling party on Woodside Avenue reports that a black sedan car-alarm has been going off for about 10 minutes. Owner of the vehicle said they were trying to get the vehicle jump started The car battery is now dying so the alarm will be shutting off.

Caller on Wilshire Street states that he received a call from someone claiming to be a delivery man for Chinese Dragon. calling party stated he told the man that he did not order anything and the man hung up. Calling party stated he did a search and no company was found under that name. He thinks that someone was trying to make him go outside and is a bit nervous and would like an officer to do a search in the area.


Friday, October 13

Female party was approached by a male party on foot by the Winthrop Yacht Club asking to use her phone. Units off on Shirley Street looking for male in question. Male had gone into a nearby catering business to use the phone since he had gotten locked out of his apartment. His wife came, and it appears that he left the area with her. The reporting party was upset that he used vulgar language.

Report that a group of males on Lincoln Street, possibly arguing. It was a last-minute bank-foreclosure auction. Peace has been restored. The bank cancelled the auction and will change it to a later date.

Oversized truck on Pleasant Street causing a traffic issue. The truck is headed towards Donovan’s Beach. 93 checked the area. The truck must have made it to its destination as it was gone.

Report of an abandoned vehicle on Main Street. It has been there for several days. Caller believes it is a stolen vehicle because the door is ajar and ignition seemed damaged. 93 confirms that the vehicle is not stolen. As he was departing, the owner of the vehicle was exiting the doctor’s office.

Caller stated that he would like an officer to go down to the car wash and ask if they could keep their music down. When police asked if it was the customers or the business, the caller hung up. Police also asked whether he was a neighbor. The caller seemed to be upset with the line of questioning that police was asking him to gather. 93 reports the music was coming from a parked vehicle and had been since turned off.

Report of a water main break on Tewksbury and Shore Drive. A civilian flagged down off-dusty officer and stated there was a water main break. DPW was notified and were enroute. DPW reports it was a minor leak in the valve.

Assisted State Police with a dog that was hit by a car at Shirley and Ocean Avenue. They are also requesting ACO. ACO will be transporting the dog to Woburn Emergency Animal Hospital.

A pickup truck was reported to be chasing youth sin the parking lot at Governors Park. One male party had a red hoodie. Unit stated party came back with his mom and a trespass tow from Governors Park will be towing the vehicle from private property using Todisco Towing. Units will be performing a criminal application on the driver. Units will be also securing some of the driver’s items from the vehicle.

Large group of kids walking and started to disburse when they saw the off-duty car at Governors Drive. Unit checked the area and nothing is showing at this time. Unit will patrol the area for the rest of the night.

Caller on Winthrop Street reporting a dark colored vehicle parked running with the headlights on for over an hour. Unknown if anyone is inside. Units spoke with the driver of the vehicle who was waiting for her friend.

Group of youth possibly armed walking towards Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Nothing showing at this time.


Saturday, October 14

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Possible roll over.

Customer on Revere Street called to report that he is having a problem with the employee. Party familiar to officers and he was advised to stay away from the area for a few days.

91 got flagged down by a citizen on Main Street. Escorted nurse from East Boston Nursing Home on Sturgis Street. She got lost due to construction being done and the road detours.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere and Taylor Street. Verbal warning for one way violation.

Off with vehicle on Shirley Street. One in custody for outstanding warrant arrest.

Party came into the station to dispose of an item that he found at Fisherman’s Bend. The item was placed in container in lobby.

Abandoned motor vehicle on 72 hour list on Pleasant Park Road. Vehicle was NH plates and has been parked for over 5 days.

Hit and run reported on Main Street. Motor vehicle left the scene. 92 swung by the other party’s home to see if the vehicle is there.

Motor vehicle stop by the cemetery. Citation issued for stop sigh violation.

Party came to the station to report her Iphone misplace. If she does not locate it, she will return to file a report.

Motor vehicle stop in front of the cemetery. Citation issued for stop sign violation. This was a duplicate call.

Suspicious activity on Wilshire and Morton Street. Five kids thrown stuff at people’s houses. They started to run towards Governors Park. All had shorts, dark clothing and backpacks. Nothing showing at this time.

Report of a vehicle parked at corner on Pleasant and Girdlestone Road. There was an event going on at the Pleasant Park YC and the owner of the vehicle came out and moved the vehicle.

Report of loud music coming from the Winthrop Yacht Club. Officers spoke with the employees at the yacht club and there is a wedding going on that will be ending soon. They will lower the music and shut the windows.

Caller on Veterans Road reports that across from apartments where the construction is being done for the football field, there is a male trying to get in the fenced in area smashing bottles, He is now in the porta-potty throwing toilet paper out the door. He is wearing a red sweatshirt with white pant. Multiple calls now reports there are two individuals.  Unit stated that one party is feeling under the weather. The other party is brining him to his grandmother’s house on Veterans Road.


Sunday, October 15

Calling party on Shirley Street reports loud music at the yacht club. Unit stated that the club is all closed and up and he hears no music playing. Units did speak with the bartender and asked them to turn the music down.

Motor vehicle stop on Hermon Street. Unit gave a citation for a red light violation.

Caller on Quincy Avenue reports there is a cab parked in front of her home with commercial plates and has been there since 3 p.m. At 1 a.m. the cab was still there. Unit stated that the taxi has been tagged.

Caller reports there is a car alarm that has been going off and on for about an hour now near French Square. Unit stated he drove around the area for a few minutes and hear no alarm going off.

Caller on Atlantic Street reports hearing loud pounding on the floor and loud music playing. He states that when police show up they stop and when they leave, they start again. Units has advised parties to keep the music down.

Report of party outside on Atlantic Street causing a disturbance and yelling at other neighbors. Unit states that they have one in custody for disturbing the peace.

Party stated a raccoon in the middle of Crest and Revere Street. Officer found the animal who had passed away. DPW was notified.

Caller on Main Street stating loud music at the car wash. The party lowered the music.

Call came in from State Police of an inured raccoon on Pearl Avenue. This call was unfounded at this time.

A well-being check was request for male party on Golden Drive. Calling party has not heard from him in two days. When entry was gained, the apartment was empty at this time.

Assisted a citizen who was stuck on the island at Pauline Street. G&J on the scene. No tow, as G&J assisted in removing the vehicle off of the median and the owner was able to drive it home.

Party came to the station to pick up LTC for a relative. Third party pickup okayed by issuing officer.

Motor vehicle stop on Golden Drive. Citation issued for red light violation.

Party came to the station to report being bitten by a pit bull dog on Crest Avenue yesterday. Party reports there was a detail officer there that informed her that ACO would be available on Tuesday. Party came in and completed a report and it was left for ACO. Party sought medical on her own.

Motor vehicle stop at Governors Garden. Citation issued for red light violation.

WFD reports Paul Revere bus in the area of Shirley Street blocking traffic and they cannot get through. Paul Revere was contacted and they will try to make contact with the driver of that bus. The bus was moved prior to officer’s arrival.

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park. 92 will transport male party for WMS warrant. Female owner operator has been sent on her way and was trespassed from the are.


Monday, October 16

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Citation was issued.

Taxi driver requesting police on Cottage Park Road. There is a language barrier and possibly 94C activity with his passenger.  It was a car pool disagreement between parties. Peace was restored.

Party o Hawthorn Avenue stated that people outside on front steps and on the sidewalk are verbally arguing and it is escalating. It was verbal in nature and peace was restored.

Calling party at Governors Park stated that her downstairs neighbor keeps hitting items on her ceiling making loud noises. Female party was told to keep it down and peace was restored. This is an ongoing issue between tenants.

Party on Pleasant Street called to say she is feeling depressed because she broke up with her boyfriend and cannot be by herself right now. Female party was transported to the hospital voluntarily.

Caller on Hawthorn Avenue stated that the same group of kids are outside again being loud. This is the second time back and the police warned the youths that if they had to come back again for a third time, then all three of them would be coming in. Peace was restored for now.

Calling party stated that since 6 a.m. construction workers on Shore Drive have been being loud and swearing and talking loud. State Police detail on the scene was notified.

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