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RON VECCHIA FOR council president

Dear Editor,

Last week I had an opportunity to take a former colleague at UMass Boston on a tour of our town.  “Wow, you have all of these incredible vistas in this town.  Do people know what they have here? “ was his question after we had walked Deer Island, taken pictures at Fort Heath Park, Coughlin Park and the Public Landing, admired the new high school in all of its splendor, walked the dogs at  Lewis Lake and eaten great seafood on our way to the T.   “Yes,” I thought,  but we need to be reminded and be ready to work to keep the town moving forward to ensure that the quality of life that this visitor recognized right away is maintained and even strengthened.
That is exactly why I am actively supporting Ron Vecchia for town council  president.

Ron has worked for years in many capacities so that  all in this  town can  enjoy that good quality of life.  He has always made it clear that his advocacy was motivated by love for this town and a true sense of how we should move forward with improvements that will enhance  the town.

Ron has both the appreciation for what we have here in Winthrop and the vision to move us in the direction we need in the future.

A record of outstanding service to our town, the knowledge and the skill to lead the council wisely and the vision to propel us forward– all of these qualities define Ron Vecchia’s leadership.

Nancy O’Malley


Thank you

Dear Editor,

On Sept. 23, we had the “I love Winthrop Festival.”  What an amazing event!  All proceeds were donated to our monthly Veterans Food Bank.  Monies raised will help so many families who participate in our food bank.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizer, Kate Economides and her amazing team for this event, and their hard work (hundreds of hours)! Also to thank are the many supporters, vendors, CROSS Fit and their runners, those who donated raffles and/or  their time, Mike Lucerto and his Dunk Tank, the DUNKEES (ALL great sports!), the DPW, Winthrop Fire Department and the Winthrop Police Department (who volunteered their time to be there!), our Interim Town Manaager Terry Delehanty, and my family!  I am truly humbled and blessed to be a part of our AWESOME town, and Veteran Services.

On Sept. 16, we had the dedication of WWII Veteran, Andrew Biggio.  Thank you to all the speakers who came out, again, Winthrop Fire and Police departments, all those who came – especially our Veterans, and the American Legion Post 146 for providing the Honor Guard.  Also thank you to Andy Biggio for putting this all together!  A special shout-out goes to Kate Anslinger and George Anderson who took such awesome photos!

Roseann Trionfi-


Director, Winthrop

Veteran Services

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