Chief Previews Sail Boston; Sees Visitor Uptick and Increased Traffic

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Local residents are starting to get excited about Sail Boston, while police and other officials are making their plans for an up tick in visitors.

Police Chief Terence Delehanty has met with the State Police, Environmental Police, the Coast Guard, harbormasters and the fire chief to discuss a plan for Winthrop during the June 17-22 event.

Sail Boston might not be smooth for Winthrop residents, it all depends on how many outsiders are planning to view the tall ships from Deer Island or Winthrop’s shores.

“The money grants are going to Boston leaving those agencies on the outskirts on their own. Boston is focused on Boston,” said Delehanty.

He said the MWRA does not want any parking on Deer Island and there will be no parking on Point Shirley. He is working on a sticker program for Point residents so they can travel freely. The State Police are also working on a plan. At the very least it is expected that there will be a road block at Elliot to stop traffic attempting to reach Deer Island.

“That leaves us with a traffic problem. It’s going to be like a July 3, July 4 deployment,” he added.

He noted that the Landing will be full. The Yirrell Beach area is also a concern and the Town has to contend with the yacht clubs who want to get their members in and out.

“I encourage people to walk or take public transportation,” Delehanty said. “We have to expect the worst and implement the plan the day it is needed.”


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