The End of An Era:Samuel’s Pharmacy to Close After Legendary History

Samuel’s Pharmacy, the historic family-run independent pharmacy located in Winthrop Center, will close its doors due to the retirement of Lloyd Lyons.

Lloyd Lyons is shown behind the counter at Samuel’s Pharmacy where he worked for more than 40 years. Shown inset are Lloyd with his two sons, Peter (left) and John (center).

Lloyd Lyons came to Winthrop’s Samuels Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Apprentice in 1951. After serving during the Korean War in the 29th Surgical Hospital, Lloyd returned from active duty and was discharged in December 1956. Lloyd returned to work for Bob Kowetz until he purchased the business with Bill Bagley in the 1970’s. Lloyd Lyons has owned Samuels Pharmacy ever since.

In addition to serving the citizens and customers of Winthrop, Revere and East Boston, Lloyd served the community in other areas. Lloyd served 19 years as a board member for the Winthrop Housing Authority. Creating one of the best Housing Authorities in the state of Massachusetts, Lloyd always had the residents as his first priority.

Lloyd coached for 7 years in the Winthrop Pony League and was a member of the original WHS All Sport WHS Booster Club. He also served on the Housing Board for 19 years.

Lloyd is most proud of the customers he served for the many years he worked. Lloyd established senior citizen discounts, free delivery, and a family atmosphere for those you came into the store. One example of highly exceptional service was during the Blizzard of 1978 when Samuels was selected to deliver prescriptions to the people of Winthrop on snowmobiles and military vehicles.

Lloyd Lyons was pleased to have his son Peter join him in the business as the Pharmacy Manager in 1984 and continues to this day. Peter has served as the WHS Golf Coach, Winthrop Little League President and the Winthrop Golf Course President.

Lloyd Lyons is most proud of the customers he served these many years. “Our customers are the best in the world. They helped me continue for these 65 years. They helped us raise my family. It is time to retire, spend time with my wife Pauline and enjoy our time together. Time to go”, said Lloyd Lyons.

Samuels Pharmacy will close its doors on April 14th. Please come and say goodbye to Lloyd and Peter as they end a tradition of excellence in Winthrop.

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