Police Blotter 02-23-2017

Monday, February 13

Snow complaint on Locust Street. Officer spoke to both parties. Sow was not put on property.

Check for low hanging wire on Crest Avenue. Fire cut wire.

Walk-in from Douglas Street to report that hr mechanic believes someone tampered with her vehicle.

Det. 957 reports receiving a call from Canoga Park, CA reporting the recovery of one of our reported stolen motor vehicle. Message was left for owner via phone. Owner called back and was given all the information.

Party came in to report that a male party who lives near her may be following her and has been making comments to her.

Female party on Undine Avenue was parked near the tennis courts during snow emergency. Upon return to get her car, a male party threatened to “bury her” if she returns. She is afraid to get her car.

Caller on Winthrop Street states a male party knocking on her door stating her child stole money from him. He won’t leave. Party was not on the scene upon our arrival. Area searched negative.

Check parking conditions on Palmyra and Pleasant Street. Caller stated cars parked on both sides and does not think emergency vehicles can get by. Officer located vehicle and owner moved the vehicle. The area is now open.

Loud music and banging walls non-stop at Governors Park. Units advised party not to continue making noise. She is known to the department. Peace was restored.


Tuesday, February 14

Abandoned motor vehicle with lights flashing on Pleasant Street. Vehicle was moved before our arrival.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue called regarding an animal barking excessively on the next street. Party spoke with ACO and the caller will be in later to make a full report.

92 and 93 attempting to serve arrest warrant to subject on Bowdoin Street. Spoke to parents and suspect is in treatment center for 30 days. No service made.

SRO Armistead called i for an ambulance for a student.

Reporting party at Energy to Go states there is a white male asking people for money. Spoke to employees and they did not see anyone fitting that description, nor did the officer upon arrival.

Report of shoplifting on Woodside Avenue. Unknown information.

One year old female having seizure on Shirley Street. Child is conscious and alert. Transported to MGH.

911 caller from Winthrop Street states she no longer wants to live there. Officer spoke to the staff at the group home. They were able to calm the female caller down. She was upset that she had to wait for staff to bring her dinner.

Report of car running in driveway for hours on Amelia Avenue. Neighbor knocked on door and rang bell. No one has answered the door and neighbor worried about their well being. Was able to locate owner. He is having problems with car battery and that is why the vehicle is running. Party lives in the basement apartment, that is why she was unable to hear neighbor’s banging.

Reporting party states car parked the wrong way. Headlights on. Car is parked between Bartlett Road and Woodside Avenue. Vehicle was not there upon arrival.

Party at Governors Park states that someone keeps ringing her door bell and will not answer her. Nothing out of the ordinary.


Wednesday, February 15

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments states that she saw two people in a white Grand Prix sleeping in the vehicle. Unit stated car is clear.

Motor vehicle swerving and speeding on Veterans Road. 92 off in the area, nothing showing.

Party reports four year old was left in a motor vehicle alone on Woodside Avenue. When she confronted the father, he just drove of.

Party on Overlook Drive states that someone rear ended her and she needs the police. No injuries. 93 spoke with housing manager about where 2nd vehicle was parked in fire lane. Due to one of the recent storms, a plow took out one of the signs and will be replaced later on this week.

Caller on Read Street states that she found a small white fluffy dog in the area of Revere Street. She states that she almost hit the dog and he has no tags. Caller brought the dog back to her home and is requesting an officer as she is unable to keep the dog in her home. ACO retrieved the dog and is now heading to the area where she found the dog to see if anyone is out looking for it. Dog’s owner was found and they were reunited.

Party on Franklin Street reports a house window is broken. He just wanted to report it.

Follow-up investigation on Court Road.

Assist fire with well being check on a female on Walden Street who was on the phone with a friend from Florida. Female party started “talking funny” and then the friend lost contact. Officer off with fire and EMS. Party stated that it was just an issue with her cell phone.

Caller states there is a seagull in the middle of the street on Chamberlain Avenue and Revere Street. She states that cars are trying to dodge the bird causing difficulty with traffic. DPW told officer that the bird was moved.

Reporting party from Seal Harbor came to the station to report receiving a suspicious call from the US Treasury Dept. She wanted this reported as a scam so others would not fall victim.

Party stated that her vehicle was at the Arbors yesterday and she believes it was stolen. She called all local tow companies as well as spoke with the Arbors who stated they did not tow any vehicles within the past few days. Caller stated she has no ride to make a report at headquarters A unit was sent to her home to take a report. Motor vehicle was repo’d last evening. The owner was notified.

92 and 93 enroute for medical on Triton Avenue. Both units off with fire. One patient to MGH.

Party states that he received a call from a male party stating “we have a pizza ready for you”. The phone number was blocked from viewing. He just wanted it noted due to the fact that his wife has been receiving threatening phone calls and that as is going to Chelsea Court tomorrow.

Well-being check on Short Street. Fire enrollee as well.

Fire requested police on Kennedy Road. 93 and 92 enroute with unknown medical. K9 responding. Party transported to MGH.


Thursday, February 16

Party on Dolphin Avenue stated there is a male party on the 2nd floor screaming. Unit stated he spoke with subject and he will keep it down for the night.

Taxi lost control of vehicle due to icy road conditions on Faun Bar Avenue and is facing the wrong way. He is now stuck. Unit requested DPW to plow and sand. Taxi called G&J Towing and units will stay on the scene while taxi is towed.

Assisted fire with wire down on River Road.

Caller on Pleasant Street states vehicle is parked across the street from his home and may be in violation. 93 reports no violation.

Suspicious white male wearing black jacket walking around Michael’s Mall trying to speak with people. Party was known to officers and was sent on his way.

An attempt to mediate issues between landlord’s family and a long time tenant. Party does to wish to meet with the other. They were advised.

99 assisted another agency with subject on Irwin and Shirley Street. One under arrest for possession of Class A drug.

Party called and stated that  a party driving a white Honda followed her into Winthrop from Revere. She stated that it followed her all the way to her home. She did not want an officer to come to her house and stated she was going to go down to the station tomorrow to speak with an officer. Both call taker in Revere and Winthrop put out a BOLO for the vehicle.

Somerville PD requested a well being check on a party on Woodside Avenue. A motor vehicle was parked in an odd fashion and may be abandoned in their city.  They stated that the vehicle was there for over a week. Officer was able to contact with the neighbors. Officer will call Somerville with the update on that vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Verbal warning given and party was advised to get a Mass license.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street at Dunkin Donuts. Citation issued for headlight and no license in possession.


Friday, February 17

Assisted fire with 4-1/2 month old choking on Lincoln Street. Baby was alert and sent to hospital.

WFD requesting detective to Shirley Street. multiple people living in illegal basement. Town ordered them out. They can only side on the first floor. Incident report to follow.

Caller reports that in the vicinity of Centre Street there is a white car parked on one side and two pickups on the other side making the street impassable for anything other than a car. No violation observed.

Party came to the station to report that he continues to receive harassing phone calls from former co-worker, including at least four phone calls on the evening of Feb. 15th. Reporting party is requesting proves reports related to ongoing harassment to apply for an harassment order from East Boston District Court.

Suspicious activity on Hermon Street at Arthur T. Cummings School. 944 also responded. Report to follow.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that his room was entered into sometime overnight and a laptop was stolen.

Party on George Street states that an upstairs tenant is banging on her door and disturbing the peace. Peace was restored.

Motor vehicle accident at Argyle Street at Dunkin Donuts. No injuries. 93 requested tow. 92 transporting two parties to station for report.

Mother-daughter verbal argument at Fort Heath Apartments. Unit states one in custody for assault and battery on 60+ person.

Caller on Bartlett Road stated he saw about three parties inside a house on the first floor. They are making a lot of noise and yelling. Caller rents out the basement and stated that no one was supposed to be in the house at that time. Owners of the hoe were in the basement.


Saturday, February 18

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. Unit stated citation issued for speeding and a stop sign violation.

Follow-up investigation on Sagamore Avenue. Officer was able to speak with someone at that address.

Follow-up investigation on Linden Street. Officer spoke with someone at that address and was able to get information.

Follow-up investigation on Plummer Avenue. Officer was able to speak with party he was looking for.

Citizen waved down an officer while waiting for a bus on Pleasant Street. He stated that a white male driving a four door Ford sedan with a German Shepard in the vehicle pulled over and made threats “I’m going to blow you head off” and drove away. Officer will be staying with the citizen until his bus arrives. Other officers looking for the vehicle. A sergeant gave the citizen a courtesy ride to Orient Heights.

Caller on Shirley Street states that her son is acting out of control and punched two holes in her bathroom door. Peace was restored. Mother and son have been reunited. Mother will be calling his primary care to help with the situation.

Male party came into the station to report that while traveling into Winthrop from Revere, a white Triple AAA van pulled up to the side of their vehicle and made a rude gesture. They kept driving and the van followed them until they pulled up to the police station.

Employee at Demetri Brothers Liquor called to state that his car was involved in a hit and run accident while parked at work.

Caller states a male was running near the Winthrop Elks and was being chased by a male party in a black SUV. Caller states they picked up the male and drove away. Caller states she tried to take some pictures with her cell phone. She states she will be at Quick Mart to speak with police as to what she saw. Unit showed up to speak with the reporting party but the store clerk told the officer that a woman was there but left quickly. Police tried calling her back multiple ties but to no avail.

911 hangup on Golden Drive. Called back twice and phone was off the hook. Verbal argument between mother and daughter.

Caller states there is an erratic driver on Veterans and Shirley Street in a Toyota Camry. Vehicle was parked in the driveway. Female party that was driving parked and sent into the house before police arrival.

Verbal argument called in from State on Pleasant Street. It was between brothers. Grandmother came and picked up the three individuals. Peace was restored.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Paine Street. Citation issued for red light violation.


Sunday, February 19

Loud music playing at Governors Park. Unit stated they spoke with the subject and they will turn the music down.

Party at 7 Eleven reported fraud. Unit stated it was a misunderstanding. Party leaving in an Uber.

Caller on Winthrop Street states loud music on the first floor. Also some yelling. Caller is on the second floor. Units stated that the unit was quiet upon their arrival.

Motor vehicle stop on Pauline Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Motor vehicle stop on Brookfield Road. Unit stated parties were having a conversation in the car and were told to go in for the night.

Owner at Grandview Avenue called about a possible water main break causing his house to be flooded. DPW was contacted and will respond to assist with the situation.

Put a BOLO out to the units for an erratic driver driving a Ford Ranger. Area searched by officer negative.

Call came in from Boston stating they received a call but no one answered. She said it could have been a pocket dial. When number was called back, someone picked up but did not answer. We sent units to search the area of Deane Avenue where the phone pinged from. Units searched the area and nothing showed.

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