Tennis Courts Issue Moves Forward

Should the Town of Winthrop dismantle the Wallace B. MacLean Tennis Court across the new high/middle school to make way for additional parking spaces and should we build new tennis courts at Ingleside Park? Or should we renovate the existing courts and keep them where they have been for more than 50 years?

That is the decision that the Town Council will likely make at its next meeting following a well-attended public hearing Tuesday night inside the beautiful Neil Shapiro Auditorium at Winthrop High School.

Excellent points have been made by both sides. Long-time Winthrop tennis players and coaches  such as John Domenico and Marie Finn have weighed in on the issue, saying the courts should remain on the current site which makes it convenient for WHS and visiting teams, and that already there is sufficient parking for high school/middle school events.

All agree that the present courts are in dire need of renovations. Truth be told, they are an eyesore amidst the sparkling new high school building across the street and ongoing renovation project at Miller Field.

What has been great to see in the discussion on this matter are the level of enthusiasm that our residents are showing and the thoroughness and care our town officials are devoting to it. This is town government at its finest and we’re sure the Council will decide what is the best interest of our residents.

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