Coach Finn Wants Tennis Courts to Remain Across from High School

Winthrop High boys tennis coach Marie Finn is strongly opposed to removing the Wallace B. McLean tennis courts, presently located across from the new high school, and adding additional parking spaces in their place. Under the proposed plan, two additional courts would be added at Ingleside Park for us by the boys and girls high school teams.

Marie reasons that there are sufficient parking spaces available during the school day to accommodate individuals who park while in school. Marie also noted that typically there were vacant parking spaces during some of the larger events that have been held at the new Winthrop Middle/High School, such as the dedication ceremony and the Winthrop Hall of Fame Induction banquet that drew a crowd of more than 300 guests.

No one has been more involved in the advancement of tennis for our student-athletes than Marie Finn has. She has been a tennis coach for decades, not to mention the proud parent of three WHS graduates, Kristen, Courtney, and Paul. She wants the tennis courts to remain right where they are, which is a much more convenient location for WHS tennis players, just yards award from the brand new high school.

This is a tough decision for our town officials who have brought to Winthrop such a unique and beautiful school building to our town. Everyone agrees that if the tennis courts are to remain across the street from the school, they obviously have to be refurbished, just as Miller Field is about to become a brand new facility that will complement the new school building.

Marie Finn has been one of the biggest supporters of WHS athletics and a great ambassador for the sport of tennis in our town. Tennis is a sport that you can play and enjoy your whole life and Marie and many others are standing up for what they feel is in the best interests of WHS tennis players and tennis aficionados in general in our community.

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