Winthrop Housing Authority Thanks Boncore

State Sen. Joseph Boncore attended his final Winthrop Housing Authority meeting Tuesday and the board thanked him for his outstanding work as a member and the chairman. Boncore was required to step down from the board as he takes on his senatorial position.

Executive Director Peg Tiernan Lyons lauded Boncore, saying, “Since his appointment in February, 2009, Joseph Boncore has contributed to many changes at the Housing Authority. Specifically we’ve obtained over $2 million in grants for capital projects for roofs, windows, heating systems, and fire alarms. He initiated a tenants’ spring forum, giving tenants an opportunity to meet with our board of directors during daylight hours.”

Lyons noted Boncore’s superior attendance record as a member and chairman of the board. She also said that Boncore’s multi-year service as WHA chairman is unprecedented. “But because of his expertise and his knowledge of the housing laws and the application of regulations, he was asked to stay on as the chairman and our residents love him.”

Boncore helped secure a $392,000 grant for Fiscal Year 2019 for additional capital projects.

We’re sure that Sen. Boncore will continue to advocate for residents of public housing in the Senate and that he will be in attendance at WHA events.

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