Police Blotter 05-19-2016

Monday, May 9

Citation issued for marked lanes violation on Washington Avenue.

Party brought a LG phone to the station it that was found at Almont and Revere Streets. Party called on the phone and spoke to owner who will come to the station to pick up the phone. The owner’s relative came by to pick up the phone.

W92 reports a motor vehicle is parked on the corner. He will try to locate the owner. Construction company on the beach and they will move it.

Party on Irwin Street came into the station inquiring about his plate from his motor vehicle that was involved in an accident last week. Since that time, he is missing his front license plate The police did to take the plate and hit vehicle was not towed. A call to the other party involved in the accident reviled that she actually has the missing plate. She reports that sister did not take it but when her vehicle was towed by her insurance company for repairs, the town operator pulled it out of her car where it had become imbedded. W91 responded to bring the resident and accident report and her information sheet. The license plate was retrieve at that time as well.

Officer reports observing graffiti to a manhole cover in the area of Lewis Lake.

Reports that there are unauthorized individuals in the A Little League Field. Caller reports an ongoing issue with the Little League and damage to her property. Party of a settlement was there are to be no unauthorized groups using the field. W92 responded and reports no one on the field at this time. The only person present was one of the bus drivers.

Tow truck driver came into the station to report a tow from Governors Park.

Male party came into the station to report that there is a custody battle between him and his ex-girlfriend about their dog. Party was advised to go to EBDC.

Two vehicles towed from Governors Park.

Officer reports trying to serve a summons on Shirley Street at an address which does not exist.

Basement entry door alarm on Summit Avenue. Homeowner on the scene. It was an accidental trip.

Caller reports a student just collapsed in the auditorium at Winthrop Middle School. EMS responding.

Party on North Avenue requesting that his son be removed as he is “trashing the house.” Officers report the subject fled prior to their arrival. The parents were advised of their rights and an officer will file a report.

Caller on Otis Street reports a large group being rowdy on the beach near his home. Officers report locating a fire burning on the beach just over the sand burm. They request WFD to extinguish it and will be off investigating further.

Tuesday, May 10

Party on Winthrop Street complained about night work being done outside his address. He would like it placed on record that he called.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reporting a raccoon loose inside their hallway coming down from the attic. ACO will respond to assess the situation.

Party on Hale Avenue reports a male party attempting to break into his home. He is believe to be the daughter’s boyfriend. Officers report the above male subject fled the scene, but left behind some evidence. Area search was conducted by W94 for the male subject and his vehicle to no avail.

Medical alert reporting an elderly female needing medical assistance on Hermon Street. WFD and EMS responded and also a family member was on the scene.

W97 reports motor vehicle appears unregistered. 92 Sorrentino located the owner and it was moved to the driveway. Owner will register it on line.

Male complains of a motor vehicle on a hydrant at the Winthrop Arms. 94 Racow reports no violations.

Party on Beal Street came in to report that someone has taken his identity and used it to apply for credit cards, etc.

EBDC wants subject picked up for a warrant of apprehension on Irwin Street. Units will respond and reported that no one was home.

NEW PHONE SCAM!! Caller requests information for an amber alert scam. DO NOT give out personal information over the phone. This is an information gathering scam!!!

Alarm Central called reporting a panic alarm on Nahant Avenue. Owner called within minutes confirming accidental. Units cleared.

Elderly male fell inside CVS. Employee standing by with him.

Caller states that two men canvassing the area of Yirrell Beach claiming to be from National Grid. She called NG and they denied having anyone in the area. Both were carrying papers.

W92 and W94 located the individuals who hold a permit issued by the town. They are working for SSE, a conversion company soliciting for National Grid.

W92 attempted to serve summons to individual on Jefferson Street.

Off. Sorrentino reports a second attempt at serving a subpoena to individual on Pleasant Park Road. The individual’s name is on the mailbox and there is mail piling up in his name.

Off. Sorrentino reports being unable to serve a summons for resident on Jefferson Street. Second attempt today.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports that his adult son is need of transportation to Whidden Hospital. W91, W92, WFD and Action Ambulance dispatched for an evaluation. Units report one 48 year old male to the Whidden voluntarily.

Caller on Locust Street reports that a male is feeling at her for parking in front of his house which is a public way. Resident of address on Locust Street refused to come to the door and speak to Off. Perrin. The caller stand that the resident made threats to her vehicle if it were left in front of his house. Officers will try to keep an eye on the area during their patrols.

Caller on Harvard Street states that she cannot drain water in her home. DPW notified and will send someone out.

Party reports a red Honda Civic just came up Bellevue Avenue the wrong way “going 50-60 mph” and took a left turn onto Pleasant Street. All units BOLO for the vehicle.

Caller on Irwin Street reports that his estranged wife is intoxicated and combative. He was asked to call by his mother-in-law. Units responded and report that all is well right now. There is a warrant of apprehension that was not able to be executed today because the subject has not been home. It will be reattempted tomorrow during court hours.

Report of a vehicle’s alarm sounding continually for the last 30 minutes on Girdlestone and Pleasant Street. W91 located the owner who finally secured the alarm.

Party report kids being rowdy in the area of the school park. Officers report speaking with three kids playing catch who were advised to head home.

Wednesday, May 11

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports kids out back running around the building area and ringing the doorbell. Officer reports checking the area to no avail.

Officer reports motor vehicle is parked in the middle of Winthrop Street near Brown’s Drug Store. Officer reports speaking with the operator who thought it was ok to leave it there for a few minutes. Vehicle moved.

Party on Johnson Avenue is requesting EMS for her family member who is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Received fax copy of a probation warrant for individual on Read Street. Officers responded to the address given and report the subject is sleeping in the home. He was placed under arrest and transported to the station for booking.

Caller on Shore Drive reported a house guest saying with her and her husband for the last month has not been heard from or seen since May 8th. His phone rings but goes to voicemail. He is 63 years old and has no family. He attends a clinic in Lynn every morning. The clinic was called and they will call back if party is there. Clinic was able to verify that the subject was seen this morning. Calling party was contacted and informed that he is alive and ok.

Calling party stated that she and her sister have not been able to reach their parents since last night on Villa Avenue. When checking with the parents at their residence, they were fine and they were told to call their daughters.

W92 and W94 served a warrant of apprehension on Irwin Street. W92 transported to court accompanied by Off. Racow.

SFE solicitors checked in and were given their permits. They are advised to check in with WPD when in town. They will be on Shore Drive today.

Mother came in to report that her 11-year-old daughter is missing. She should be in the company of a 6-year-old. They may be headed towards Emerson Road. Checked the house on Emerson Road and she was there. Units clear.

Youth reports finding two needles while playing football near the marsh on Morton Street. He will point them out to the responding officer. Officer recovered and will dispose of the needles.

Party reports a male got out of his car and appeared to be under the influence. He then drove off with his hazard lights on and pulled into the Elks parking lot. Officers report no sign of the subject.

Thursday, May 12

Party on Golden Drive called to report that his mother has been drinking heavily and took a lot of her prescription medication. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report the party will be transported to MGH for further evaluation voluntarily.

Party on Pebble Avenue reports a male has been sleeping in his car at the end of the street since last evening. Officer spoke to the subject who pulled in there because he was tired. He was sent on his way after further investigation.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments requesting EMS as she feels ill. EMS responding.

USPS letter carrier called requesting EMS for a person who fell on the sidewalk on Shirley Street. EMS responding.

Party requests EMS for an allergic reaction at Cottage Park Yacht Club. EMS notified.

Officers standing by for a search warrant on Upland Road. Detectives and officers serving search warrant. Search warrant completed and units clear.

Party reports that she tripped on a newly install fire hydrant while walking behind the Veterans Field bleachers breaking her camera and injuring herself. She reported this to the DPW and town manager’s office.

Party from Main Street came in to report that two men in a black pickup truck with a NH registration just attempted to pull a “paving scam” on him. When he stated he was calling the police, the men fled. An officer observed the pickup pulling onto Hermon Street from Main Street but nothing had been reported at that time. Officer reports the pickup was towing some type of paving equipment behind it. All units and safety officers notified and will BOLO.

Report of an identity fraud to a person on Dolphin Avenue. His bank is Santander Bank and he reported being defrauded of $1,274.62 and $2,498.33 respectively. He needed this logged and they are investigating.

Caller on Court Road reports a person or persons unknown threw cream colored paint on his brick stairs, vandalizing all six, along with some pavers  and the sidewalk.

Report of a stolen motor vehicle on Shirley Street. Vehicle was received earlier today in Bourne by MSP and Yarmouth PD. CJIS entered and cancelled.

Caller on Pratt Street requesting EMS for her friend who fell over backwards and is not unconscious but breathing. EMS responding.

Party on Lewis Avenue requests EMS as he is not feeling well. EMS responding.

Caller reports some type of noise disturbance in front of Blackstrap. Units report the entire area down the center is quiet.

Party states he came upon a white male with blood on his hands and feet that needs medical attention at Tafts and Maryland Avenue. 91 and 92 responded and report being off with the subject. Appears to be a trail of blood that leads to Maryland Avenue in which they will investigate. 29 year old male being transported to Whidden.

Friday, May 13

Caller states he was just in a motor vehicle accident with another vehicle at Revere and Crest Avenue. He states there are no injuries. Units respond and request vehicle inquiries of both motor vehicles. One of the vehicles has an expired registration. Report submitted.

Officer will try to serve subject on Shirley Street a summons issued by the Malden Court. Officer reports she did live there a year ago, he will check with the landlord to see if he has a phone number for her. He reports the landlord wants us to call him later and he may have her phone or new address.

Officer will try to serve subject on Jefferson Street a summons issued by the Malden Court. He reports no one home, he left a note under the door to call or come by the station.

Party at Winthrop Middle School reported receiving two voice mail messages from another party regarding her role in the school and said she is not threatening her but will file a lawsuit. The message was recorded should she require it for court HPO.

E911 transfer from Suffolk Regional to report a female on Ocean View Street told them her father is on the floor. EMS notified.

Walk-in from Grovers Avenue to report threats his landlord made to burn down the building with him in it.

Party from Jefferson Street walked in for the summons from Malden Court.

Caller on Douglas Street reports that her five year old fell and hit his head. Transferred to medical and officer reports ambulance transport to MGH.

Party on Summit Avenue reports that someone is trying to kick down her door. Officers report a pizza delivery went to the wrong apartment. All okay.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports a loud party a few houses down. Units respond that report the area in question is all quiet. They are checking another area on the street that appears to be the party. Call unfounded.

Saturday, May 14

Party at Governors Park states loud noise disturbance from his downstairs neighbor. All parties spoken to and advised of the noise ordinance and their rights.

Caller reports being escorted from the sober house on Shore Drive and realized he left his keys inside his room. He requests an officer to get the keys from the manager who is very angry at him. Unit reports assisting in getting the keys and notifying a taxi who picked up the subject.

Party on Sunset Road reports someone in a white van is listening to loud music. Unit reports subject lives in apartment and will turn off motor vehicle and head inside for the night.

Caller reports a silver Toyota is driving erratically and just turned on to Pleasant Street and heading towards Washington Avenue. Units report checking the area but unable to locate any vehicle driving and will BOLO.

Officer will attempt to speak to a resident on Maryland Avenue on a follow up. He reports speaking to the resident.

Report of a car leaking gas on Crest Avenue Officer and WFD report a small leak, speedy dry thrown on it.

Officer will attempt to speak to subject on a follow up at Executive Apartments. He reports no contact.

Officer will attempt to contact a subject on Shirley Street on a follow up. He reports no one is home.

Caller on Golden Drive requests medical. Transferred to EMS.

Medical call on Seal Harbor Road. Transferred to EMS.

Visiting Nurse on Golden Drive requests medical.

Caller on Hutchinson Street reports a van parked in a  way that a fire truck could not get by. Officer reports fire truck can access the street with no problem.

Caller at Executive Apartments reports a small fire in the parking lot. Fire notified.

Party on Sagamore Avenue called concerned about his 89 year old roommate who left for Chelsea in the morning and has not returned. Chelsea was called and stated he checked into rehab hospital. Party was notified.

Party at Executive Apartments has fallen and can not get up Fire notified.

Report of youths drinking at Yirrell Beach and hanging on the wall.

Sunday, May 15

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports a car alarm constantly sounding. Owner came out and turned the alarm off for the night.

Report of loud music on Plummer Avenue.

91 is off with a taxi that has a drunk male in the rear seat at Main and Pleasant Street. Fire and ambulance notified and are on the scene. Medical attention refused by the subject. Cab will continue to transport the subject to his residence.

Party at Governors Park stated he has fallen and can not get up. Call transferred to medical.

Caller states that while driving to work he saw two highly intoxicated males at the Odyssey Grill. W94 checked the area and the individuals are no longer in the area.

Female at Seal Harbor called to report that her husband is having a stroke. EMS will handle.

Tow company came to the station to repot that they have towed a vehicle from Governors Park.

Party on Willis Avenue called to report that his family has an estranged cousin and she just came by and hit their retaining wall. He also said she has harassed them before. Officers report no damage to the wall and she is gone. The family will call back if she comes back. Officer will also check another family member that lives in Winthrop. She was no where to be found.

One of the “drug outreach” people called to inform us that a subject Off. Gregorian interviewed has checked himself in to the Beth Israel to seek help.

Report of a branch from a town tree just fell on party’s front stairs on Circuit Road. DPW notified.

Owner on Vine Avenue called to report that he just came home and there is a vehicle in his driveway that does not belong there. Officer went by and checked. It was a neighbor’s guest that had parked there. It is being moved.

Report of a large tree branch that fell on a walkway on Marshall Street. DPW notified.

Party from Forrest Street called to report that someone stole or threw away her roommate’s belongings from the backyard. Officer reports he will speak to the landlord and then make a determination as to going with a larceny or just a mistake by someone cleaning the yard.

Report of a dead animal in the middle of the street at Revere and Summit Avenue. ACO notified.

Many 911 calls of a grill fire and possible yard fire on Lincoln Street. Fire notified.

Caller on Villa Avenue requests medical for her friend that fell. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Golden Drive reports finding a man sleeping in the hallway. She yelled at him and he yelled back at her. He then left the hallway but she is not sure where he is and is afraid he will come back.

Reports of a sick raccoon on Sunnyside Avenue. 91 Ramadani reports a raccoon scooted away. Not in the area.

911 caller from Coral Avenue repots that her 3 year old son has a piece of metal stuck in his throat. Transferred to EMS. Officer reports the child is breathing and cleared by medical. Father will transport.

911 medical from Overlook Drive for a person who has fallen and can not get up. Transferred to EMS.

16 year old male walked in to report he was assaulted by another youth at the Public Landing. Parents were notified.

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